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It does not matter what industry you are working in, it does not matter whether your career is connected with arts, engineering, education, management, or hotel business. If you are faced with the case to create a resume for your potential employer, you need to be as creative as possible to stand out and be the one who makes a change!

Anyway, all resumes need to have approximately the same structure, but the content is different. It depends on your merits, skills, background, experience, etc.

Always try to impress your employer in a good way as well as include as much experience adjacent to the coveted position as possible!

We live in the century of technology and constant progress, you have to know several online tools that will help you create an impeccable and creative resume by yourself.

Besides, you can visit the services like Custom Writing and get all the necessary professional help in making your first steps to get the job of your dream!

And now, in the century of technology and constant progress, you have to know several online tools that will help you create an impressive and creative resume by yourself.

1. ResumUp

This website helps you create a visual path to your CV/Resume. It uses your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sources to find all the necessary information; and then it adds it to the resume. It is a useful tool recommended by Forbes magazine as well as by LifeHacker!

2. ConnectCv

Here you may create your online CV/Resume. In addition, on ConnectCV you may find potential employers and job opportunities. Visit their “TIPS” section to read and memorize basic advice on your CV. Create your portfolio with ConnectCV. You can also share your CV and compare it to others as well!

3. Pathbrite

This tool will help you to resolve your issues within minutes, and also have a great experience using it. Pathbrite creators were primarily targeted at people who are looking for work for the first time in their life, that is, the students. Everyone remembers their first attempts to create a great resumeand remembers these scary lines of places of previous work where didn`t know what to write about. This service allows you to show your skills in the form of a continuously updated collage, a kind of visual story.

4. Kinzaa

The newly made impressive infographic resume is waiting for you on Kinzaa! The version of the site is now available on mobile devices and has become more mobile-friendly! Your skills, experience, personality, and objectives will be all listed and elaborated with the help of this service! Check it out!

5. Vizualize.Me

The service is also free and meets all the demands of the contemporary labor market in terms of the CVs. The service includes diverse themes, language map, experience timeline, treemaps, pictograms, skills bubble charts and even more! With the CV created on Vizualize.me you will impress your employer!

6. Kickresume

You will definitely land your dream job with the service Kickresume! Not only the creation of resumes is available there. You may also create your cover letters with the help of this site! Professional designers created this tool to help thousands of people find a job of their dream. It is an easy tool in use and free for an unlimited number of downloads!

7. Flavors.me

Pay only 20$ per year and create impressive resumes with Flavors.me. The website is not free because it is a tool offering multiple options (help in the creation of the website, URL, design, resumes etc). It also works on mobile, so you may work even in metro and do not lose your precious time!


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