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The journey to becoming a successful professional makeup artist is not going to be easy. Yes, you may possess the vital artistic skills for creating beautiful makeup looks, but they may not be enough to set yourself apart in such a fast-growing and competitive industry.

Ask any renowned veteran in the business how he or she thrives in such a career and, for sure, he or she will say that modifications in behaviour play an essential part in the job. One’s character or personality is also a selling point for makeup pros. It is what draws in clients and cultivates their loyalty.

Therefore, if you wish to establish a solid career as a professional makeup artist, you need to pay attention to your personality. It is a crucial factor in growing your skills, clientele, and practice.

But which are the personality traits or qualities that are deemed vital for makeup pros? Rounded up below are five of them.

1. Tact

This is the art of smart communication.

Being tactful is crucial in developing a good working relationship with clients. When you are diplomatic in dealing with the people who hire your services, gaining their trust often comes quickly.

Demonstrating tactfulness by being careful with your words, knowing when to speak and when not to, and understanding the “air” on the set (an essential makeup artist tip for photoshoots) will provide your clients with this sense that you are a true professional, and you are committed to ensuring their complete satisfaction. Not only will they grow to trust you, but they will respect you as well.

2. Patience

This is another valuable trait for makeup artists. The job will expose you to different kinds of people, and there will always be those personalities that are not at all easy to deal with. Some may even have poor attitudes. Some are “flip-floppers” and continuously change their minds about what they want.

Situations can also prove to be a challenge in makeup jobs. You may find yourself in a photoshoot wherein you cannot set up like you usually would, and other conditions come about to make your job more difficult.

For all of these, patience is what will help you to do your best work. It is a trait that will allow you to transcend the hardships or trials of the day and always find joy in what you do for a living. Furthermore, it is a great reputation builder.

3. Hunger for Learning

If you have a personal culture of learning, you can enjoy constant growth in your craft. This will keep you abreast of what clients want and deliver the results that guarantee their happiness.

Plus, a love for learning is a quality that can sustain excitement and enthusiasm in your profession. There’s nothing like learning something new and obtaining mastery of it to keep things interesting in your career.

For example, a lot of makeup artists need to take classes to work with foil pigments effectively. After acquiring the right techniques and skills for them, they can suggest new and bolder looks to their clients.

It is worth mentioning as well that new knowledge and skills are always useful in the field of fashion and makeup. They may even open new doors for you.

A lot of makeup artists who have played it smart by always pursuing more and up-to-date knowledge about makeup become product developers (like Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek), writers (like Bobbi Brown), and even makeup school owners and teachers.

All in all, if you are a continuous learner, you make yourself open to so many more opportunities for a thoroughly fulfilling career.

Career in the beauty-High-Paying Jobs You Won't Need a Degree for - Professional Makeup Artist

4. Critical Thinking

The life of a makeup artist is not just about applying makeup on people. It is also about solving the problems of clients. Makeup has always been a medium used as a solution to “issues,” after all.

However, not all makeup artists understand the versatility of the product in solving people’s problems. If you are a critical thinker, you can exploit makeup’s potential as a solution to a variety of skin concerns and even self-esteem issues.

Those are not all, though. Critical thinking is a must in dealing with sudden occurrences on the job. It is often an intimate setting when clients get their makeup done and, often, makeup artists are the only people with them in these vulnerable situations. It is always a considerable advantage when makeup artists prove that they can help keep conditions under control for their clients.

Also, critical thinking is a must in delivering the most appropriate service to clients. You need to understand the cause and effect with makeup and other cosmetics to prevent potential problems, such as the wear of makeup on a hot and humid day.

5. Flexibility

This works hand in hand with patience in creating positive experiences for clients. A makeup artist’s flexibility provides him or her the opportunity to see how far his or her skills can go.

Flexibility or versatility also creates an open door for opportunities. A lot of makeup artists who demonstrate this trait or quality find themselves in the best positions for bigger and better things. They get to work in various settings, try alternative media to traditional makeup (such as face paint and even food), and also travel to different parts of the globe.

This quality can bring great excitement to your makeup career; but, more importantly, your flexibility or versatility can create a more substantial and impressive resumé for you as an industry professional.

A Dynamic Personality Is an Edge for Makeup Artists

These five traits make up a dynamic professional. Some of these traits are naturally a part of some people’s character, but those who do not have them yet can cultivate or develop them. It is important to recognize as well that experience can mould character.

So, if you believe you still lack a few of these qualities, do not get frustrated. Take your time to imbibe these traits deliberately. Typically, if you enjoy or love your job, the changes required to succeed in it become so much easier to implement.

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Toni Malt is the Middle East's leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations.

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