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Time is money. If you aren’t using your time judiciously, you are spending money. All great business leaders and visionaries understand the importance of time, and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the best use of their time.

As rightly said by Simon Sinek on September 6, 2016

There are 24 hours in each day and you can’t change this fact. What you can do is manage yourself so that you can get the most out of these 24 hours.

Here are the top 5 productivity hacks to do more in less time:

1. Create a To-Do List

Having a well-planned to-do list can save you significant time. There are two types of tasks: Some tasks require your immediate attention and some tasks you can do later.

To be on the top of your tasks, you should have some productivity hacks to complete all your deadlines. If your to-do list has some big tasks, you should break them into smaller ones. This will help you complete these tasks conveniently.

You can set a timer for each task to keep track of your progress. Also, you can use Google Tasks to be on track. As you can sync Google Tasks with Gmail and Google calendar, you can refer to your progress even when you are out of the office.

2. Reduce Multitasking

You might be wondering how you can do more in less time if you reduce multitasking. Actually, you can. Multitasking, though it appears to offer increased productivity, reduces productivity.

Research conducted at Stanford University found that multitasking affects productivity. Researchers have also found that multitaskers cannot keep things separate in their minds, which lowers productivity.

So, if you want to do achieve more in less time, you should start reducing multitasking. Commit to one task at a time, and you will see a big difference in your productivity.

3. Weed Out Distraction

You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, and you cannot live without checking these accounts every five minutes. I don’t say you shouldn’t use these social networks. In fact, social media is a great tool to spread awareness for your brands.

But, when you are writing a blog post, constant Facebook messenger pings can be a big distraction. And you will take more time to finish that blog post.

So you should weed out distractions when you are doing some important tasks. Doing so will certainly increase your productivity.

4. Take Breaks

Some people believe that taking breaks during tasks reduces productivity. However, this is not entirely true. Taking breaks during a big task rejuvenates you and you will be able to finish that task quickly.

A study says that brief diversions from a big task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods.

So take a break from your desk if you have been doing a task for a long period, you will see a surprising surge in your productivity.

5. Delegate Some Tasks

The secret of many successful entrepreneurs and startup owners is that they don’t do all tasks themselves. Instead, they delegate unimportant tasks to others.

As an entrepreneur, your prime objective is to focus on core business activities. You should not worry about internet research, social media management, sending newsletters to your customers and prospects, etc. You can easily delegate these tasks to a virtual assistant or remote worker.

A virtual assistant can reduce operational costs, amplify productivity, increase productivity, according to Ninja VA


In today’s cut-throat competition, if you want to outgrow your competitors, you will have to be more productive. Creating a to-do list, reducing multitasking, weeding out distractions, taking a break, and delegating tasks will certainly help you do more in less time.

What about you?

What productivity hacks have you experimented for doing more in less time?

Do share your thoughts in the comments sections below. I’d love to hear about it.


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Anupam Rajey is a seasoned marketer and sales expert. He is the CEO of Acelerar Tech, a leading KPO that offers virtual assistants for social media, Internet research, email & chat support, and more.

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