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Corporate Learning Management System is an advanced technological learning system widely used by large companies and educational institutions. In the age of all things going digital, learning through a  digital platform is the next big trend in teaching and training.

This online training and education method has several advantages. The most important of all is that it costs less. An LMS will help you save on your trainer, travel, training venue and stationery costs. It is a big advantage for companies which need to train their new employees time and again. Expenditure on resources to train your employees can be utilized elsewhere to contribute to the profits of your business.

Employee training is essential if you want them to perform well at their job. If an employee is educated about what is expected of him/ her and how to overcome professional challenges, then you can expect successful results from your team.

If you’re still wondering why you should use an LMS for training purposes in your business, then here are the top 5 features that you can benefit from and will also help you decide your LMS software selection criteria

1. Accessibility

LMS software enables a trainee to access courses from anywhere, at any time. Trainees have the freedom to do their training as per their convenience and trainers have the freedom to access and manage courses anytime they want. This is the benefit of having a cloud-based LMS.

A cloud-hosted LMS is necessary for multiple people to work together. Also, it takes off the burden of server management from the shoulders of your organization and leaves you with resources to focus on other important goals.

2. Evaluation and Progress Tracker

Trainees are regularly evaluated and reports are sent to the management for review. The management also receives reports and records of the progress of training.

These reports of progress and evaluation are automatically sent by the LMS. This keeps the management in charge of the training and its trainees. They can identify their strengths and weaknesses and further evaluate the progress.

This helps the management analyze their courses and training methods, which can be used to further improve their LMS training sessions.

3. Customize and Personalise

LMS enables you to customize and personalize the admin according to your company’s identity, to make it more professional. You can add your company logo, motto, and other identity markers to make the LMS customized to your company.

An LMS system will also allow lessons in different dialects and languages, making it easier for a linguistically diverse group of trainees to receive training.

4. LMS E-commerce

If you’ve designed a great course which can be beneficial to others as well, LMS has an e-commerce feature built-in for you to sell your course to the rest of the community.

You can choose the price you want to sell it at, do the marketing and promotion of that course and this can benefit you in looking for potential hires for your company.

5. Diverse Learning Methods

To cater to different learning styles, LMS has a diverse range of learning methods. You can find visual lessons, audio lessons, written lessons and even kinesthetic lessons for those who learn only through actions or tasks performed.

This is mainly beneficial for those trainees who wish to receive their training in alternative forms of teaching.


These are just the top 5 features of the many features that LMS has to offer. It opens an entire scope of opportunities in the field of education and training.

Employees who are well trained will perform better and also lead to higher work productivity, overall increasing profitability. LMS is going to be the next classroom where employees will receive their training and get better at what they do.

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