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Writing a resume can be difficult, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be! There are some great tools online which can help you create a resume that stands out. It’s time to ditch the old-fashioned, traditional resume and go for something fresh and modern.

In 2019, you need a resume that accurately represents you as both individual and professional, and is easy to create to save you time. A great resume can make a huge difference not only in the way you see yourself and your experience but also how the employer views you.

Here’s a list of the top 3 resume builders to help you stand out in 2019, their best features and prices.

1. Enhancv

Enhancv home page-Resume Builders

Enhancv is an online resume building platform that helps you create a resume to be proud of. One of the best benefits of using Enhancv is that it takes care of your design and formatting, while you can focus 100% on the content of your resume.

Enhancv offers three templates you can choose from. All of them are simple, visually appealing, yet professional. It’s because too many choices can stress people out, and while you’re creating your resume, additional stress is the last thing one needs.

For additional inspiration, Enhancv has a database of more than 40 resume examples from their real users from 16 industries.

Unique Features Enhancv Offers:

  • Content suggestions in your experience section

When you start filling in your experience section, the platform provides relevant suggestions to your bullets, tailored for the exact position you wrote in your job title. These push you to focus on your impact and not just your responsibilities.

  • Content analyzer

Using AI to bring the best resume advice to you, this feature analyzes your content and makes context-specific recommendations of how to improve it, just as you write in. Or you can turn this feature on when you finish your resume.

  • Ask for feedback

This feature allows you to share a link to your resume with your trusted friends or colleagues. They will be able to leave feedback on your resume without having to print it. It’s just like adding post-it notes wherever they spot a mistake or something which could be improved.


  • A free seven days trial: gives you access to basic features for free
  • Basic $4.99: gives you access to the basic features for a month
  • Pro Monthly $19.99 ( billed every month): gives you access to all features and design improvements
  • Pro Quarterly $44.97 (billed every three months): gives you access to all features and design improvements
  • Pro Semi-annual $65.94 (billed every six months): gives you access to all features and design improvements

2. Canva Resume Maker

Canva Resume Builder-Resume Builders

Canva is software that helps you create visually appealing documents, including a resume. If you’re confident in your resume content and want it to look great, this is a great option.

You can choose from 9 templates, from creative through minimalist to professional in these resume builders. Once you select your desired template and hit “Edit,” you’ll need to sign up. You’ll then be presented with a lot of resume layouts to suit any personal style.  

Canva is a straightforward way to give your resume a visual boost, but it might not be as efficient when helping you with the content itself.


  • Free plan, which includes basic features and designs
  • Canva for work $12,95 per team member per month, which provides access to all their features and visuals
  • Canva for Enterprise, which would be a tailored price for your needs as a team/company

3. VisualCV

VisualCV home page

VisualCV helps you “make your next career move with confidence.” This resume builder is easy to use and offers a few unique features. Their blog provides a lot of career advice articles which help you navigate your job search.

The platform offers 18 different templates which give you a lot of freedom when choosing the best one for you. When you sign up and click on “new resume/CV,” you’ll be presented with a few options, to begin with: import your old resume/CV, use one of their templates, or start from scratch.

Unique Features VisualCV Offers:

  • Stats

This feature of the resume builders allows you to track how many times has your resume/CV has been viewed and downloaded. This can help you understand whether the potential employer saw your resume/CV and when to follow-up with them.

  • Master resume/CV

On VisualCV, you can create a master resume/CV which you then can merely copy for creating another resume. This allows you to create a resume/CV which is specific to the position you’re applying for.


  • Free plan, which allows you to use basic features and visual elements
  • Pro for three months for $12, which will enable you to use all visual elements and features
  • Pro Monthly for $18, you won’t find this option in their pricing. Instead, you need to go to Q&A to see the monthly option

Are You Happy With Your Current Resume?

Go ahead and give your resume a read, you can even print it to get the feel of what goes through a hiring manager’s head when reading it. Does it seem like the kind of resume that’s going to make them say “this person seems perfect” or  “nothing stands out here, but that in the ‘no’ pile”? If the second response seemed more likely, you could improve a lot by using one of these resume builders.

What do you struggle the most with when writing your resume? Let me know in the comments!



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