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In this millennial age, the 21st century, many jobbers struggle hard to keep their job positions in their workplaces. This is primarily due to the fact the millennial generation presents a few challenges which make it difficult for people with less-developed skills to cope.

The expectations of the employers are beginning to shift from paper-based to skill-bound. Because of this development, as an employee, you need to focus on acquiring premium skills and how you can improve on them to get along. This article addresses them here:

1. Critical Thinking

These recent times, business schools take a host of subjects and universities to offer courses that primarily have to do with critical thinking and tend to improve this skill in scholars. Without having anything to do with what your major is, it’s a very great thought to acquaint yourself with several courses. This is because it assists you in bringing out the best regarding quality thinking.

It helps you in getting out of herculean circumstances in a way that appears to be most inconvenient, and it saves you from danger, as much as it is practicable. It will also assist you in engaging with self-motivated and project-bound learning processes.

2. Communication

As an employee, this is another skill you should endeavour to acquire if you want to do well regarding retention capacity in today’s workplaces. Do you know a vital skill that can distinguish you from other employees? Without much ado, it is how you can effectively communicate. Many employers usually consider your capability to influence people through effective communication.

3. Flexibility

In this ever-changing world, you need the capability to mould yourself in line with the current requirements. This is a time of ideas during which people tend to bring innovations and concepts to the table, and these changes would take you by surprise if you are not flexible.

The living standard and contemporary lifestyle are changing, and employers exclusively consider only those folks who can easily flex to the modern working environment. Employers prefer workers who can adapt sufficiently and make meaningful input.

4. Novelty

We already recognized that this is the season when folks desire to get forward and move ahead of others by merely depending on inventions. A lot of concepts have revolutionized the lives of people, and they go along with one another. Novelty is one thing that brings about comfort for people.

If you can point out situations that can be of help in improving media tech and fluency, you are moving in the right phase.

5. Cooperation

If you appear to be a loner or you are indeed one, you are capable of going only to certain limits. Having some people who you share the same values and work interests with, is very important. To accomplish the timely and adequate coverage of your tasks, you need to team up.

Do recall that as you study in a college, you are often expected to do group works and cooperate with other fellow students. This tells us about patience and assists us in learning some things from other folks. We can acquire new habits, rely on others and help ourselves while the fun and work last.

6. Accountability and Effectiveness

If you desire to become someone great in this present-day society, you would need to be very productive. The world gives no room for a sluggish fellow or someone who does not focus on his work. You should provide more value to your work by offering useful outputs within a specific time frame.

The more effective you become with this, the more recognition you are likely to get from others. It isn’t sufficient to be effective; you also need to be transparent in all your moves as well. If you lag in a job or make a mistake, you should be responsible for it. You should be ready to be accountable for your failures and shortcomings.

7. Checking in, Conceptualizing and Creating

So that you can flourish in today’s world, you must know. There are loads of info available relating to diverse issues, and it is only when you know what goes on that you can embrace progress.

These factors are interrelated such that if you can check-in, conceptualize and create the info you collect from them; you are most likely to be acknowledged as a results-oriented worker. Also, any individual who does not have needful knowledge about his environment would suffer, regardless of his hard work and brainpower. This is just because such an individual would not have the essential info to establish their future goals and plans

think and writedown your goals and core values-Make Strong Decisions.

8. Industrious

Many folks get involved in entrepreneurship, but it does not concern everyone nevertheless. For you to effectively lead a team in line with a unified goal, it requires having the skills to deal with everything that comes your way. You should be able to ideate and bring value around your concepts.

Nonetheless, it is no point in trying to deny that someone can acquire these sets of skills anytime. When you are truly serious about it, and you can get around some essential points from other people’s lives, you are poised to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur very soon.

9. Inspiration

There are bosses! But being an inspirer takes time and great effort. It is not everyone who can be a leader and make themselves capable of being accountable for their actions. You are not supposed to be responsible for your actions if you are not seen as a leader.

An inspirer leads! It is a leader who knows the way to part the workload in a unified manner. He tries to become someone who understands the method of reducing the heat on the partaking members of the team.

10. Worldwide Exposure

Regardless of the time and geographical constraint, the world has now become a global village in which the exchange of information is easy. You require a level of maturity that brings you out of your comfort zone in your nation or your place of work.

One exciting reality regarding this is for you to know how to learn new languages, especially the sorts that are well-known in a few other countries like English, French, Arabic, etc. As you depend on these skills, you can enhance your professionalism and your resourcefulness not only for the workplace in your local country but in other places too.

How to Improve Your 21st-Century Skills

Surely, you do not expect only to acquire skills; you are also to improve on them in the 21st century. You desire and aspire to do more – master these skills you have learned so far. Doing this is never as difficult as you think. Here, we are going to point out how you can improve the garnered skills. They should, however, be considered in phases;

1. Digital Age Literacy

1. Normal Literacy

We refer to this as the capability to read, listen, write and speak and compute figures and bring solutions to regular literary issues.

2. Scientific Knowledge

This refers to the common comprehension of scientific ideas and processes.

3. Financial Knowledge

This takes account of comprehension of conventional economic ideas, personal duties of small, medium and large enterprises, and how these economic issues relate to the citizens and customers.

4. High-tech Literacy

This includes an appreciation concerning tech and the way it can be deployed to achieve specific goals or objectives.

5. Graphical Literacy

This talks about effective visual skills and the capability to comprehend, employ and ideate images and videos, making use of a combination of standard and new media.

6. Information Literacy

Here, the emphasis is on your capability to discover, get, and make use of info and the ability to estimate the integrity of the info.

7. Social Literacy

This has to do with your ability to relate to value diversity and show sensitivity to social issues and to intermingle with different local groups.

8. Worldwide Awareness

This relates to your ability as to how countries, persons, groups, and economies are interrelated and how they interact with each other.

2. Innovative Thinking

You should realize that creative thinking is vital in the millennial age, and a prosperous employee needs to create and enhance these optimal life skills:

1. Flexibility and Taking Care of Complexities

This has to with the capability to identify and comprehend that change is constant and to tackle it the right way by altering how one thinks, one’s attitude and behaviour to deal with the present clime.

2. Self-direction

This relates to the capability to carry out work without others. It may be about creating plans and goals or managing one’s time and work or estimating one’s knowledge and learning ways.

3. Inquisitiveness

This refers to a passion for learning and new knowledge, an essential part of lifetime learning.

4. Ingenuity

The way you generate something novel or original whether it is individually or culturally significant in the 21st century.

5. Taking Risks

This refers to the entrepreneurial attitude to reflect on a challenge or problem, to share that thought process with other people, and to get feedback from them. It has to do with the desire to get out of one’s comfort zone, to make some mistakes, and to innovatively deal with the final objective of improving individual growth and achievement.

3. Higher-range Thinking and Quality Reasoning

These refer to the capability to analyze, relate, refer, construe, estimate, and create. Quality reasoning relates to common sense and gathered knowledge and skills to guarantee solutions to problems and effective decisions. Effective communication deals with the capability to connect with persons and groups positively. It generally involves:

1. Collaboration

Collaboration occurs when individuals share common goals, bring together unique skillsets to work in a stratified environ, and show true trust and dignity towards others. It is the collective interaction that takes place among team members as they carry out their works to attain specific goals.

2. Relational Skills

This refers to your ability to deal with your behaviour, motivations, and emotions to enhance great interactions with some other groups and persons. It is the capability to excellently deal with conflict and an essential interpersonal skill needful for greatness in this 21st Century. These are skills you can exhibit to take care of one-on-one circumstances, emails, meeting calls, and teleconferences.

3. Individual Responsibility

This requires you to understand the legal and defined matters associated with tech and to deal with and make use of technology in an accountable manner.

4. Social Responsibility

This takes individuals to make use of technology to foster the public advantage and to shield society.

5. Interactive Communication

The emphasis here is on the ability of individuals to learn communication, making use of a wide array of media and digital technology. To improve their workplace effectiveness by way of skills, they need to choose the most effective means of contact for the proposed audience. As well as being capable of utilizing it dependable and effectively to improve the broadcasting of information.


If you genuinely want to have what it takes to become a successful worker in the 21st century, the skills discussed above are what you need to acquire. But as we explained earlier, it goes beyond mere acquisition you’ve got to, from time to time, improve on it. That is how you can become a well sought-after and effective worker in this 21st century.

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