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HR has become a pretty complicated area to manage with a countless number of daily tasks that need to be done. Even HR directors often need assistance with performing all roles, such as building and managing the workforce, supporting the colleagues, delivering analytics, and so on.

Do not worry, though, in this article, we will review some great tools for HR directors that can give them an upper hand in daily operations in the office.

For your convenience, each of the tools is assigned to specific HR areas, so you will quickly find the right one for you. Let’s get you acquainted with the world of HR automation!

1. Operational Aspects – Zenefits

Zenefits is one of the hottest tools for successful HR Directors that covers a wide range of operational aspects and makes work easier by automating them.

For example, this comprehensive tool can handle taxes, disability, insurance, calculate payroll, and keep employee records. As a result, all HR-related information is stored and managed in one place.

In each of these aspects, the tool generates detailed reports for you to analyze the performance of HR in the organization. However, note that it was developed to fit the U.S. legislation, so it works with U.S.-based users for now.

2. Operational Aspects – Staff Squared

Similar to Zenefits, this tool is created specifically for satisfying the HR needs of small businesses without the legislation limits. Essentially, it is another cloud-based HR solution that provides a wide range of functions, such as tax management, insurance, staff performance, employee records, absence management, expense management, document storage, and others. It also has some great features like mobile apps, which makes the HR management job much easier.

Maternity calculator, template letters, probation letters, staff handbooks, quizzes, and other great HR resources are also available to the users.

3. Communication – Hip-Chat

HR directors are responsible for nurturing the right environment in the organization, which is done through regular meetings with the staff and constant communication with them.

Hip-Chat makes it easier to engage everyone in conversation and collaboration because it is a real-time, screen-sharing, a video chat app that can act as a default communication platform for the organization.

Many companies use it to encourage collaborations in remote teams; for example, for essay writing services, Hip-Chat is great for engaging remote workers and sharing files with them.

4. Recruitment – Up-work and Workable

Up-work is the world’s leading platform for findings candidates from different countries that offers reasonable protection for employers and ensures the quality of work completed by the contractors.

Successful HR directors can use it to perform project outsourcing and remote management of the employees without having to control the completion because Up-work does that as well. However, constant communication with the employee is also available.

Workable also can help with candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, and recruitment aspects, as it is an all-in-one recruiting software. It is a perfect solution for streamlining the process and creating a hub with all information relevant to organizational recruitment.

5. People Management – Turbine

Another comprehensive tool that can be vital to running successful HR Director operations smoothly. In the modern HR environment, it is very easy to get lost in the employee records, schedules, and other information, but this is almost impossible when you use the Turbine.

It automates the process of people management by providing you with one online place where all employee information is contained.

For example, the tool makes it easy to create and manage staff holidays, sick days, staff details, and HR-related expenses. Say goodbye to all that paperwork!

6. Employee Incentives – Any Perk

According to the official site of Any Perk, it is an all-in-one employee happiness solution. Indeed, it is a great tool for cultivating a happy workforce because it offers an integrated platform of rewards and perks for specific successes of the employees.

For example, for achieving pre-determined milestones, the employees can receive pre-determined personalized gifts, such as gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, sessions of professional massage, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and many other different perks.

Any Perk is easy and straightforward, plus it appeals to every employee.

7. File Storage and Sharing – Dropbox

If you need a great online solution for storing and managing HR-related documentation, Dropbox is one of the best out there. It provides a cloud-based archive of files you created or uploaded to the service, so you can easily share them with each member of your organization.

It is also great for sharing tasks with remote workers, managing absence by allowing them to input working time, and perform many other HR-related tasks.

Choose the One That Fits

The tools described in this article are designed for different businesses, so read carefully and choose the one that meets your requirements. Keep experimenting and see what works best.

Your work as a successful HR director can be effectively automated using those, so you will have much more free time to attend to other tasks. Happy managing!


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