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Have you ever spent a night just counting the parallel lines on your ceiling’s PoP design, which you had not noticed even when you got your dream house constructed? Or maybe checking your phone a million times and reading all those push messages which you would normally sift through the trash without even glancing at them? You will know what I am saying if you have ever passed the night in bed with little or no sleep only to feel sleepy when it is time for the alarm clock to buzz.

Sleepless nights are common, and if you are unfortunate, you may come across such nights quite frequently? If it happens on a weekend, trust me, you are lucky. The next day you can spend in bed to compensate for the night’s loss. But the million-dollar question is…what you do if it is at the start of a week or midway. Trust me, your boss would not like to read a leave note which says: “Inability to deliver work today because of sleep deprivation last night.”

Or what if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer and you have an important client meeting scheduled early morning and perhaps the anxiety to fix the deal has not let you catch sleep the previous night.

Well, you cannot rewind the night, but yes, you can still play the day with the same vitality and liveliness which you would do after a sumptuous sleep.

Let us unravel some sleep hacks which shall give you a successfully productive day despite a failed night of sleep.

1. Resist That Snooze Button

Don’t borrow sleep, especially after that night when you struggled for it. Just push that alarm button with full grace and step out of the bed to face the day.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is the magic mantra behind most of life’s problems. Believe it or not, fatigue usually sets in when your body is dehydrated. With more water, your visits to the restroom increases and gives you those much-needed breaks, without which you may be found napping at your desk. So it basically keeps you awake and replenished.

3. Move With Some Stretches

The turmoil of the night is over. Leave the warzone and stretch out. Kick in a few punches before that bubble bath or maybe jog around in your backyard. All this will not only cause a rush in your adrenaline levels, but also signal to your brain, to stop its attempt of falling asleep which it did in the previous night. It will not only kick start your day with energy, but possibly help to grab the sleep tonight that you missed last night.

4. Feed on Smaller Meals

Don’t vent out the frustration of a poor night’s sleep on a large lunch pack loaded with carbohydrates, spices and greasy fried frankies. This lunch will only add to your troubles and make you lousy. Eat lighter, smaller meals that are rich in proteins. Whole grains, yoghurt, beans, fruits and veggies should be your perfect choice.

Working More After Less Sleep

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5. Get Lots of Sun

Lack of sleep slows down your immune system. So when you break for lunch, go out and absorb the sun. It shall help to fight the afternoon drowsiness and give you a good dose of vitamin D and vitamin B.

6. Take a Cold Shower

A cold shower at the beginning of the day shall help you to wake up instantly even if you were sleepwalking. At work, take a few seconds of break to the restroom and splash cold water on your face. You can also keep an ice pack on your temples or eyes for some temporary respite.

7. Spice up Your Day

Even if you have never done it at the workplace do it today to surprise your co-workers or rather your sleep monster. Go around the office and maybe chit chat with a remote colleague, watch a YouTube trailer, learn a new recipe, do some power yoga steps even in the disguise of teaching a colleague or for a change just go in for Candy Crush Saga, if everything else fails. These small moments of unwinding will help to spice up your day and concentration levels at work.

8. Keep Chewing

No, not your lunch all day…but try chewing gum, if your workplace permits it! Chewing gum not only activates your mouth and cheek muscles but also your cerebral activity. And remember to stick to mint flavor…why? Simple it gives a burst of freshness.

9. Sort Out Your Day

Your brain is already bogged down by yesterday’s activities which were not washed away by ample sleep, so do not clutter it further with added load. Prioritize your work. Keep important things early in the day; delegate some of your work to subordinates (who perhaps had a full dose of sleep last night) and shift the rest for another day.

10. Do Not Hit the Driver’s Seat

This is really important for you and for others on the road. Seriously speaking, driving with half concentration or lousy eyes can be really dangerous. Leave your car in the garage. Go to public transport or take a lift from your colleague. This will also give you some additional minutes of sleep while someone else drives you to the destination.

Working More After Less Sleep

11. Catch a Power Nap

If you work for yourself, this is easy if you have an air mattress in one corner for occasional resting. Otherwise, try to find a quiet corner in your office and grab a quick power nap. Remember to keep your phone silent or you may again end up wasting those precious ten minutes of sleep. A quick power nap can recharge you for the rest of the day.

12. Drink Coffee

Unlike other occasions where we keep desisting you from holding that coffee mug, here we tell you to drink some coffee but in moderation. Drinking two cups of coffee during the day after a bad, sleepless night may help you in maintaining your alertness level, especially if you have something important to summon at work.

13. Sleep Better

Though you are not able to sleep more, increase the quality of your sleep. Which will compensate your sleep deprivation in the long run? Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach and tend to sleep on your back, it will help your body immensely. These small lifestyle changes will help you in conquering the day with full energy in spite of having less sleep,

Every day is not a Sunday, and literally every day or night does not bring you the same levels of comfort and rest. Accept this fact. Enjoy the nights when you sleep peacefully, but more so, enjoy the challenges of a day pursuant to a bad night of sleep.

With the dozen tips shared in this piece of writing, you can surely make the most of a challenging day that follows a troublesome night. When you challenged last night’s sleep with unparalleled energy during the day, it shall submit to you tonight, just catch it right and sleep tight.


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My name is Ashley Hayes and I am the editor in chief at SleepHeavn. It has been almost a decade since, I was first diagnosed with Insomnia. But believe me since then I have absorbed myself in this intriguing world of sleep. Over the years, I have researched about sleep, talked to experts, read hundreds of journals and talked to family and friends to collect their experiences about sleep, sleep products and all that affects sleep.

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