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Moving for a new job or promotion is a life-altering event for you and anyone in your immediate family. You will all have your fair share of difficulty adjusting once you reach your new home. It can be difficult adjusting to a new town and a new job at the same time.

So, why not minimize the stress during the move there as well as during the preparation leading up to the move?

1) Figure Out If It’s Worth it Before You Make Your Decision

Whether you are considering moving to join a new company, moving to take a better position with your current company or for some other reason, you will need to step back, take a deep breath and objectively think about whether or not a move will be worth it for you and your family.

On top of thinking about it for yourself, you should also seek the advice of family and friends with whom you are close and can offer objective and informed opinions on the matter. It is always helpful to have outside perspectives on such important life decisions.

Most importantly, you should consider how this will impact you and your family’s overall and day-to-day happiness. This means that you should consider what the move will mean for your children, their education and their friends. It means you need to be sure that your spouse or partner is completely on-board with the move and if they are not, you need to discuss why that is.

Finally, you must be honest with yourself and figure out if you are taking the job for the money or for the quality of your life moving forward.

2) Start Planning Your Move as Soon as You Can

The sooner that you start to plan your move, the easier you will find the actual moving process. This means that if you are in charge of choosing a moving company, you should figure out which company that you want to use and book your move with them at least a month in advance of your moving date.

However, you are moving during the considerably busier summer months, you should book your move at least two months in advance.
This will include the planning, preparation, and booking of your car shipment if you plan on having your car shipped. In the case of a car shipment, you should book your shipment at least one month in advance. You can read more about shipping your car below.

After that, you should figure out details such as how many boxes you will need during your move which you can do much more easily with this moving calculator. You should also purchase any other moving supplies that you think you might need at this point such as tape or gloves.
You will also need to contact your health, auto and homeowner’s insurance to see what changes you will need to make both before and after your move.

When you are over a month out from your move you should also cancel any memberships local to your current location, such as a gym membership, so you do not end up getting stuck paying for a membership that you cannot use and do not need.

It is at this point that you will also need to decide whether or not you are going to travel with your pet or have them shipped to your new home. When you are driving or flying across the country, transporting your pet can be complicated and it can also turn out to be a real hassle as well. This is why many people end up choosing to ship their pets with a reliable and trustworthy pet transport company.

Finally, about two or three weeks before you move, you should take a trip to the post office and have all of your mail forwarded to your new address.

3) Do your Best to Avoid Moving During the Summer

More often than not, you will not be able to decide or influence when your relocation for work occurs. However, there are instances when you can, especially if you are the owner or part-owner of the company.

If you can decide when you are going to move, you should avoid moving during the summer because that is the busy season for moving. This means that prices will be higher and availability will be lower. However, on the bright side, if you are moving for a company that is deciding when as well as where you will move, there is a good chance that they will cover the cost of the move or at least part of it.

4) Don’t Just Hire the First Moving Company That You Find

Like any other service or product that you might be in the market for, you should comparison shop for your moving company. This will help you find a better value and a better price.

You can do this by researching the companies in your current area online. This is as simple as Googling “moving companies near me” or “moving companies in [TOWN NAME]” and compiling a list of the five to ten companies that catch your eye.

Then you can look at each company up individually on Google. When you do this, you should look at the reviews that past customers have left. You should pay attention to the overall star rating as well as what each individual review actually says. This is important because past customers could have specific input on things that are relevant to you such as how the moving company handles antique furniture. 

After that, you can call each company, get a quote for your move, then compare the prices and availabilities to see what works best for you. Be sure that you get a confirmation from the company via e-mail with the date and time of the move. This usually tends to serve as the contract between you and the company.

In the end, hiring professional movers simplifies your stress by many folds. Consulting a good moving company like Air Van Moving can help you plan better before the move.

5) Say “Yes!” to Moving Insurance

When you think you have the list you made of the top companies narrowed down to a couple, you should call each of those remaining companies and ask them about their insurance policies. This can be a great way to choose between them. Whatever you do, do not skip the moving insurance in order to save a few bucks.

Each company should offer several levels of protection. You should opt for “full value protection” because it offers the highest level of protection for your belongings.

However, each company’s “full value protection” will vary in terms of how much it costs. You can usually lower the cost of insurance by opting for a higher deductible but, just like medical insurance, the higher the deductible that you opt for the greater portion of any damage that occurs will end up being your responsibility.

It will also vary how they will compensate you for damage to your items. Some will offer to repair the item themselves; some will just pay you in full for the item’s original value, others will give you the current market value for the item. This is where you should question each company over the phone and get as specific information as you possibly can.

No matter what, make sure that you have moving insurance. The cost of replacing valuable items in case they get damaged can easily surpass the amount of savings you had by declining all insurance coverage.

A Traveler Ready to Board a Plane

6) Fly Across the Country Instead of Driving

Driving hundreds or even thousands of miles can be absolutely exhausting. It can also be quite time-consuming. When you consider the prospect of driving for several days before your actual move-in, you will likely be filled with anxiety and dread just at the thought of it.
Instead, you should consider shipping your car to your new home. This way you can jump on a plane and relax. The best part is that it will take way less time than if you had driven there. You should book your flight about a month in advance, but not until after you book your car shipment.

If this is what you end up choosing to do (and you should), you need to know that you will need to book your shipment in advance. If you want the best chance of getting your preferred delivery window as well as the highest possibility of saving a few dollars, you should book your car shipment at least a month in advance.

When you are scheduling your shipment, you will just need to know the make, model and year of your car as well as the addresses of where you are shipping it to and from. In most cases, door-to-door transport is offered by the vast majority of vehicle shipping companies. However, if your pick-up or delivery address is on a street that is too small or against local laws for an auto transport carrier to drive on, you will need to coordinate a nearby location such as a mall parking lot for the pick-up/drop-off of your car.

You also need to know that there are a few yet simple things that you need to do in order to prepare for your car shipment. You should not worry about these things until the days immediately before your car is picked up.

You will need to get your car cleaned so that your auto transport driver can conduct their inspection for pre-existing damage. You will also need to make sure that you only have a quarter tank of gasoline in the car. Finally, you will also need to remove any personal items from the car as they will not be covered by any car shipping insurance if they are lost or damaged during transport.

The cost of car shipping is separate from the cost of the moving company. So, ask the job that you are relocating for if they would be willing to cover the cost or at least part of it.

7) Downsize as Much as You Can Before Your Moving Day

Prior to your move, you should get rid of as much as you possibly can from your home. This way you are not hauling any unnecessary weight on your move. At the very least, you will not end up having to go through the process of figuring out what to throw away as you simultaneously move which can easily get to be too much of a hassle.

You should also do this every week for a few weeks so that you can leave a little bit of what you are throwing away on the curb each week. This is easier than having to haul it all to the dump and less expensive than renting a portable dumpster which also has its own series of inconveniences.

8) Pack the Right Way

When you are packing, you need to make absolutely sure that you are doing so correctly. This includes things like labeling boxes with what’s inside, what room it goes in and your full name. So, an example would be “Blankets – Master Bedroom – John Smith.” This will help you and the movers un-pack much more quickly when you arrive at your new home. Having your full name on the box will discourage any theft by individual moving company employees.

You should also make sure that you or the packing company you hired are packing any fragile items the right way for a long-distance trip. You do not want anything to break just because it was hastily packed.

9) Be Sure That You Pay Attention to the Details

When you are preparing to move as well as when you are in the actual process of moving, you should always make sure that you are paying close attention to any and all details. This includes things like if you are shipping your car, you will get a “delivery window” which is usually a three-day period. Your car can get delivered at any point during those three days, so be ready to be home or have someone who is authorized to accept your delivery during that period at all times.

Other examples of details that you should be paying attention to in terms of your move are arrival times for yourself and the moving truck, planning where exactly everything will go in your new home, itemizing everything that your moving on a list than checking it over carefully when you arrive at your new home, and much more.

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