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Networking is the way to go to advance your career search. Technology tools, like social media, continue to dominate the job search process, and hiring managers are not shying away from them.  In fact, LinkedIn is used extensively for that purpose.

LinkedIn boasts greater than 500 million registered users, is the largest professional networking site online, and regularly rolls out new features to reach more users – and you should be one of them.

f you’re already on LinkedIn, but need assistance in maximizing your job search potential, these six tips will significantly improve your results.

1. Build a Growing Network of ‘Relevant’ Professionals

Quality connections can make the difference between getting noticed for a job and being invisible on the sideline.  Focus on building a network of relevant professionals in your circle; these should include:

  • Professionals in management and executive-level positions who are capable of hiring you
  • Recruiters who specialize in placing candidates in your field
  • Colleagues who hold positions similar to the desired role

Send each contact a personalized message informing them that you are looking for a new opportunity and request that they keep you in mind should an opening become available.

2. Learn How to Build a Relevant Network

LinkedIn experts will tell you that the more people in your network the closer you are to getting hired. It’s okay if you don’t have the numbers right away, as long as you identify and connect with people who share your goals. To build your network, consider the following three steps:

Start by importing your list of contacts from your address book (or upload your contacts from email accounts) of colleagues you would like to invite to connect with on LinkedIn.

Connect with alumni. On LinkedIn: go to “Contacts” and slide down to schools. You’ll find a listing of people who graduated from your alma mater, where they have worked and what they’re doing now. Assess and connect from this list.

Join industry groups that are a good match for your expertise. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise while connecting with hiring managers, decisions makers, and influencers within your chosen field.

3. Follow Companies That Meet Your Career Objectives

Numerous companies display a page on LinkedIn. If any of these companies match your career path, “follow” them by clicking the tab button on their company page. By doing this, you will receive their latest industry news and job postings that you can act on.

Brand on Linkedin - When a Recruiter Visits Your LinkedIn Profile

4. Start Searching for a Job – “Click on the Job Tab”

One of the easiest steps to check is to click on the ‘job’ tab in LinkedIn. This is shown on the opening page of LinkedIn and all you need to do is: type the job title you seek, like “Account Executive” to available opportunities. Use connections to get further leads, then distribute your resume.

5. Enhance Your Job Search by Fully Marketing Your Profile

The more descriptive your profile (concise details of job responsibilities), the more likely you will be called for a position that fits you. Add a picture to your profile that shows good judgment. Also ensure that the resume you send out matches your profile, i.e. job descriptions, dates, and education.

6. Build Credibility – Use the Recommendation Feature on LinkedIn

One way to boost credibility and show recruiters you are a serious candidate is to display recommendations on your profile. Many people are uncomfortable asking for recommendations, but this is viewed favorably by companies it strengthens your work history.

To achieve career success, use these simple tips to navigate your way toward a worthwhile job offer.

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Wanda Kiser is a certified career coach, interview coach, and multi-credentialed resume writer at Elite Resume Writing Services. As president and CEO, she ranks among the very best in equipping job seekers with the tools and skills necessary to win in today’s tough job market. Wanda offers a full suite of career marketing services including job search strategy, development of interview-winning career marketing collateral, and facilitation of targeted career and interview coaching sessions.

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