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Getting a job nowadays isn’t that complicated if you know what you’re doing. With social media being extremely popular, we must adapt to the current marketplace conditions and start looking for potential future opportunities in those places where many companies and employers spend time. 

Because social media is now such a huge concept, we should take advantage of its benefits and start creating a better future. There are lots of opportunities for you, ready to be harvested.

Did you know that three out of four employers are presently checking a potential employee’s social media profile? How about the fact that 92% of the companies tend to use social media for hiring purposes?

If we choose to believe this report, than it automatically means that we have no other choice than to focus our efforts in order to land a job through the use of our social media networks.

During today’s article, we’ll take a look at some insightful tactics and tips that will help you create a better social media presence, and will also teach you how to approach different types of challenging situations.

Let’s begin with the general tips; after that, we’ll cover LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as they are three of the most important social media networks in the current job market.

1.  Clean and Professional Presence

 If you truly are a professional, that means that your personal and professional image should look impeccable. That means no bad references, no pictures of you being drunk or high, and obviously no garbage posts on your social media profiles. If you keep it neat and professional, you’ll have more chances of being remarked and eventually hired.

2.  Focus on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter

 Social Media Network Statistics

Some social networks are better than others when it comes to addressing professionals. For example, Pinterest, Tumblr, or even Instagram aren’t as effective when it comes to career opportunities and business partnerships. If you are looking for that, LinkedIn is the best place to look for such things. On the second plan, it’s Twitter and Facebook.

3.  Always Use Your Name 

Every time you create a social media profile, you must use your own name. Do not use nicknames or other crazy names. This is self-obvious, yet many professionals still use social media profiles that have different names. They will often suffer consequences because no one wants do deal with an individual who uses a nickname as a contact detail. 

4.  Have a Personal Website and Link to It

As a high class professional, you should be focusing on creating your personal brand. This can be easily accomplished with the help of a good quality website. 

This website should present your services, have a blog filled with good information concerning your domain of activity, and also be an online resume. You should include a CTA (call to action) that sends your social media followers towards your personal website. 

5.  Have a Professional Profile Picture

No matter what social media channels you use, your profile picture is essential for your overall brand image. If you have a quality image that inspires professionalism, you’re going to have few advantages right from the start. People who treat this aspect seriously seem to get better results when it comes to landing jobs. 

6.  Automate Your Social Media Campaigns

First you have to put up the work, create a routine, create the content, and network a little more in order to get things started. Afterwards, you can start thinking about automating everything. That means investing in the necessary social media tools, and outsourcing.

You can check out this list and select the tools that would suit your marketing campaign the best. If you’re looking to outsource your content and have it published constantly on your social media profiles or websites, you can use Essay Scholar Advisor, as they provide awesome personalized content.  

7. Show Your Work

Every popular social media network offers you the possibility to get visual. Taking advantage of this awesome feature and great opportunity, you should show the best work you’ve done in the past. Post real pictures of something tangible; they could be stats, objects, places, and many more things that would justify that you are a legit professional. 

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks for Getting More Chances of Landing a Job

LinkedIn is the best social network which is mostly dedicated for business professionals, and not only. You can be anything: a doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or an architect. No matter what your profession is (and it could be anything), LinkedIn is going to help you get involved into a lot of opportunities; connections are the second best part! 

Here are some good tips for improving your LinkedIn presence and profile

1. Get involved in Lots of LinkedIn Groups 

In order to improve your brand awareness and reach out to more opportunities, you should consider joining a lot of niche specific groups. These groups are filled with a lot of high class individuals who can be better than you. They can teach you a lot of things if you approach them successfully. 

If you’re into a lot of groups, you will be able to directly private message other LinkedIn professionals which are not in your direct network. 

2. Network Frequently 

If you’ve never networked on LinkedIn before, you don’t know what you’re missing. Most of the members are extremely helpful and open to interesting discussions and proposals. As a business owner, you can find a lot of potential profitable opportunities. As an employee, you can land that perfect job you’ve been always looking for. 

LinkedIn is the best network that facilitates a professional networking environment. Even if you don’t have an awesome resume, you can slowly start to build it. 

3. Post Unique Content on a Constant Basis 

Unique and helpful content is good for more things. First of all, your social media followers will receive value by consuming your content; everything you post should at least have a small degree of value and relevancy to your target audience. 

Second of all, you are helping the search engines to identify you and rank your profile on the top of the Google and Bing’s pages. That means a lot of organic traffic for a bunch of niche relevant keywords. It ultimately results in more connections and more website traffic. 

4.  Send Personalized Messages to New Contacts 

Whenever you want to establish a relationship with someone you don’t know, please take the time to create a personalized message. Even though it may be time consuming, the time you invest is going to be extremely worth it in case you succeed with your objective. 

Some people create standard messages and never bother changing them according to the receiver’s characteristics. You need to adapt your message depending on the subject. 

3 Tips that Will Improve your Twitter Activity

Twitter is also a huge player in the jobs and business connections environment. Many companies have a Twitter profile, which they use for marketing or hiring purposes. Either way, it’s good to also be present on this profitable social network.

1.  Make Your Profile Look Like It’s Active 

There’s nothing worse than an outdated Twitter profile. As this social network is a very fast-paced updates and sharing tool, presenting a profile page that looks old and neglected is going to influence you negatively. Start updating your profile and create the impression of a professional and active business or person.

2. Showing Your Expertise through Relevant Updates and Posts 

Use Twitter for branding purposes and begin sharing useful and relevant updates. It could be something you have found while doing some research, a newly written blog post that would attract the attention, or maybe a relevant picture or infographic every now and then. 

If you have valuable information on your Twitter profile page, you’ll acquire way more profile followers in a short amount of time. Some will become loyal, some will not; either way, you’re improving your brand awareness and your company’s reputation.

3. Start Following Successful People in Your Field 

If you want to reach the top of the ladder, start noticing what other successful people do. The best way to scout them is obviously social media. More than that, Twitter is one of the quickest way in which you can get some fast information and maybe direct access to high-class professionals. 

Make a list of people from who you want to learn from, and start following each and every one of them. Most of them will usually have active Twitter profiles and will post all sorts of useful resources. By the way, if they are the ones who’re using the account (and not an outsourced employee), you can find out and analyze their patterns of thinking.

Another 3 Good Facebook Tips 

Let’s not forget about Facebook. It currently is the biggest social network, with the highest amount of users. Of course, it’s more like a general social media network which can be used for almost anything, but it still has a lot of potential. Check out these three Facebook tips. 

1.  Let Your Potential Employers See Your Profile 

I know you may be tempted to make your Facebook profile private. If you want, you can make two separate profiles, and deal with them separately. One should be for personal usage and one for professional purposes. The professional profile should be public, as you want all the interested individuals to get a quick impression of you and your services. 

2.  Like Facebook pages for More Updates 

If you want more relevant updates within your domain of activity, valuable content that can be repurposed, and more information about your business interests, start liking a bunch of quality Facebook pages. If you notice that some of them aren’t that helpful, start eliminating them and keep the most constructive ones.

3.  Make All of Your Professional Updates Public 

Same as the first tip, you should pay attention to how you’re sharing your content and valuable information. Some of the content should be exclusive and purposed for those followers who follow you on different channels such as e-mail or other relevant social networks. 

Make your normal postings public and let your audience see more of what you have to offer. Once they get the idea, they’ll be tempted to look for more and eventually you’ll get a follower or a customer. 


Getting a job with the use of social media is like swimming in an ocean of potential employers. Trust me, they are everywhere, and you just have to find them or/and help them find you. If you can prove your skills, your experience, and your other special assets, landing an awesome job through the use of social media is extremely possible! 

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