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Nowadays, there is this trend in almost every industry that employees in their mid-thirties are considered as old as old workers. In fact, one of my previous employers considered one of his employees old even when he was in his early thirties.

The older you get, the longer it will take you to get a job and get hired. Therefore, you need to go the extra mile for getting a job.

But what you can do to overcome this age discrimination and increase your chances of getting a job?

You have to get rid of your age discrimination by some strategies and method to continue enjoying your employment. Here they are:

1. Brush Up Your Resume

One way to overcome this job seeking issue is that your age is an issue is to proof your age and edit your resume efficiently. You can limit what you include on your resume, from a chronological perspective, that can overcome the issue of “being old” by the employer.

2. Write a Compelling Cover Letter

Your cover letter is also really critical. You need to really choosy in this writing your color and should absolutely know what to include in it and what to not while seeking a job. You cannot hide your age; just need to show in that way so that employers cannot even think that you are over age.

3. Emphasize on Your Relevant Experience

We have seen the resume with all the job experience candidates ever have. You do not need to list all your job experience. Just include the most recent job experiences. If you are listing your education in your resume, do not include graduate dates.

4. Interview Answers for Older Applicants

For job seekers, remember, interviewers cannot ask your age directly. However, they still ask questions to determine your age. You need to answer them in a way that you do not disclose your age. Keep in mind that do not offend them by answering rudely, just answer politely.

5. Interview Tip For Older Job Seekers

The interview is the most important part of getting a job. Interview not just includes your relevant knowledge but it includes how you dress, how you speak, how you convince other person and much more. So you need to prepare yourself so well that age should not seem to be an issue to your interviewer.

6. Dress Up Like a Gentleman

You can hide your age by trick and techniques in your resume and cover letter but you cannot hide your appearance. If its two-button suit is in trend now days then make sure you wear a two-button suit. Your hair cut should be according to the present era. Try to look like you are living in the present not past.

7. Use Your Network

Reference is still a key for job seekers. If you have studied from a well-known alma mater and your old friends are in your field, try to reach them and get ask a job. Age will not be a big issue for them.  You should keep in touch with your old friends they can get you a good job.

8. Consider a Career Change

If you are not happy with your job or your job is getting bored now then just switch your job. You should be really conscious in switching your job as you are already in your mid-age so your career should be long term and easy for you.

9. Don’t Give Up

No matter what happens, if you do not get a job just do not give up at any time or cost. You need to keep trying and stick to your main motive which is getting a job. If you are strong and firm and do not leave your main objective then let me assure you will definitely get a job.

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Jessica Barden is a Career Consultant and an Online Recruiter at an essay writing help. She writes blogs about career trends, job market, employment opportunities and HR practices.

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