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When it comes to job hunting, your resume plays a significant role in securing good employment. As a matter of fact, no company or organization allows candidates to walk in and claim for the opening posts.

To get a good job, it’s essential to create a perfect CV free of errors and junk to let the managers and recruiting firms acknowledge your expertise and potentials.

A Curriculum Vitae is a piece of paper that can do great wonders. It allows you to speak on your behalf in front of successful entrepreneurs. Through your resume, you can describe your personality and professional skills in a pretty impressive way. But unfortunately, many job seekers don’t understand the importance of resume and come up with horrifying CVs that sound totally dull and ordinary.

A standard format of resume never appeals recruiters because of its boring structure being unable to represent your vibrant and interesting personality.

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis to fill vacant positions. As every post plays a significant role in running a company, their foremost priority is to recruit a deserving candidate as soon as possible without wasting any moment.

Due to time shortage, they do not conduct interviews with every candidate but shortlist the interesting ones on the basis of their submitted resumes.

To get shortlisted, you must come up with an outstanding CV persuading recruiters to send you in a ‘YES’ list.

Here are eight great tips to help you create an awesome CV to get your desired job:

1. Avoid Grammatical Mistakes and Typos

While writing something such as essays, blog posts and articles there are chances to make spontaneous grammatical mistakes. Such impulsively made errors lower the quality of the content. And, a CV with poor quality is of no use as recruiters do not ignore even a minor mistake.

Therefore, when you are done creating your CV, proofread it thoroughly to see if there are any typos or structural mistakes. You may also ask someone professional to check it for you as sometimes we become unable to detect the mistakes made by ourselves.

Remember, the littlest typo can kill your whole impression! 

2. Stick to the Point 

Mentioning things in your CV that have nothing to do with the job you’re applying for is completely unnecessary. Stick to the point and don’t add stuff that is useless or not important for the recruiters to know.

Due to thousands of applications, recruiters give a fixed time to every CV. Resumes containing dragged content frustrate them hence they ignore such CVs and move onto the next ones.

Try to be precise and clear about your expertise, experiences and potentials. Instead of trying to impress the recruiters by mentioning every single accomplishment, you should focus more on describing your valuable experiences that may add to the company’s success.

If you want your resume to be perfectly awesome, exclude the irrelevant content!

3. Consider Proper Formatting

Perfection is a key aspect of professionalism! To make your CV flawless you need to format it properly. Use impressive structure to make your resume attractive and more official.

Choose a fine font style and size, use bullets and numbers to mention achievements orderly and go with perfect spacing and alignment options.

When a recruiter holds up a CV to give it a read, formatting sets the first impression. Hence, show your professional attitude by formatting your CV impeccably and impress the recruiters with your perfectionism! 

4. Describe all Components in a Proper Order

A CV consists of various elements including your academic information, professional experiences, skills and expertise and accomplishments. These components should be mentioned by following a fine order to create an awesome resume.

And if you go against that order, it might spoil your whole CV. For instance, if you will describe your professional experiences before mentioning your educational background, the CV will look quite disorganized and messy.

Best Resume

Jumbled resumes confuse the recruiters and end up as junk. Therefore, have a close eye on this issue and follow a proper order to come up with a perfectly organized curriculum vitae.

5. Keywords Are of Great Importance!

When a post opens for recruitment, employers and recruiting teams search for the database of most suitable candidates by using keywords.

Therefore, your CV should have some useful keywords relevant to your desired type of job. Embedding keywords in your resume will enable you to be found by the recruiters as a result of a relevant keyword search.

Do not use keywords that are inappropriate or unrelated to your prior work experience as it will give the impression of keyword stuffing.

6. Talk Facts and Avoid Opinions!

Your CV is a professional piece of paper that must contain facts and no personal opinions or recommendations.

Do not comment on your previous employment but only mention your duties and achievements related to it. Avoid political language and stick to professional facts that will include your career details, expertise and academic background.

You are not allowed to mention any kind of opinion about anything in your CV and strictly avoid writing statements like “I think I’m capable of this job,” because recruiters are the one to make opinion after evaluating your described facts.

7. A Cover Letter Is a Must

95% of recruiters do not read a resume submitted without a cover letter. As a matter of fact, the cover letter explains your interest in the job very precisely and saves readers’ time.

Recruiters judge the whole resume on the basis of cover letter hence write one carefully and submit with CV.

8. Get Help from an Expert

The last tip to write an awesome resume is to get help from an expert. It doesn’t mean to pay someone to create your CV because nobody can describe your potentials the way you can.

Getting help from expert means to obtain pro advice before writing and once the CV is complete, get professional feedback to make it perfect!

So, follow these tips to create a flawless resume and get your desired employment!

Written By
Bethany Wyatt is a recruiter at a popular executive search firm in Los Angeles.

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