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Use your team to help make your content strategy successful. Involving multiple bloggers distributes the workload while treating your audience to different perspectives. Group participation will empower your employees and boost morale. Including your team in blogging will make them part of their future success. 

You will face challenges implementing your team blogging effort. Some staff members will feel afraid to share their opinions with the public. Others might feel as though they lack effective writing skills. Even more of your workers will have difficulty finding enough time to blog.

Use the following six tips to overcome objections while making blogging a team effort.

1. Provide a List of Topics

Guide your team by providing everyone with a list of possible topics. Having a topic helps writers get started without wasting time with indecision. Get your list of possible subjects from popular social media posts and online tools. Have your team assess the needs of your target market and use the information to guide their blogging. 

Popular blogs can also supply you with topic ideas. Look for subjects upon which your team can expound. Providing new information about a popular topic will attract visitors. It will also establish the authority of your brand. Pass around your list of topics and allow everyone to choose the ones that appeal to them. 

2. Creativity Is the Key

Allow your team members to choose their writing style and topics. Encourage your writers to unleash their passions as they write by eliminating job-related boundaries. Soon your employers will regard blogging as a chance for personal and professional growth. Make sure, however, that the content they produce supports your company’s mission statement.

Supply broad topics that allow room for creativity. People will always do a better job when they can freely express themselves. Make blogging interesting and exciting to keep your team engaged. The variety of content produced by your team will thrill your audience. 

3. Take a Personal Approach

Make a personal appeal to each staff member. Individual requests will help your workers feel supported as they learn to blog. Overcome reluctance by asking each employee to write about current projects. You can also encourage prospective bloggers to learn and share about new topics.

Personal requests will give you a chance to overcome resistance and motivate your team. Continue engaging your team on a one-on-one basis to get feedback and monitor progress.

4. Offer Guidance

Natural writers can choose a topic and create exciting content without your intervention. Most people will need oversight. People often can write better when they can organize their thoughts. Help your team overcome inertia by showing them how to create outlines. Sometimes you might need to supply writers with outlines.

Make sure your bloggers know how to check their writing for readability. Also, let everyone know the expected length of each blog post. Your team members will require less supervision as they grow accustomed to blogging

5. Incentivize

Create a system that offers desirable rewards based on what your employees value. Gifts and money can inspire participation, but sometimes recognition can also do the job. Use telecommuting as an incentive. For example, make blogging competitive by allowing your top bloggers to become remote workers. 

Planning can increase the effectiveness of your reward system. You can incentivize your team by rewarding the person who makes the longest blog post. Also, consider rewarding your writers for exceeding their required number of posts.

For example, require everyone to produce one monthly blog post and give bonuses to those who do more. Always add a quality component to your system to avoid rewarding low-quality work. 

6. Show Your Achievements

Share the results of your team blogging effort to inspire their continued participation. People will always work harder when they know that their work makes a difference. Provide regular updates to remind everyone about the importance of blogging. Keeping your blogging program visible will also encourage accountability. 

Periodically report the performance of your blog. Use statistics such as unique visitors and pageviews to evaluate progress. You can also look at other metrics such as click-throughs and search engine performance. Collaborate to set goals for your blog and brainstorm ideas for increasing its effectiveness. 

Your blog is an incredibly powerful lead generation tool for your business. Encourage your team to blog to increase its effectiveness. Team blogging will make your website come alive with new perspectives and styles. As a result, you will captivate your audience and inspire your staff.

Use the above tips to motivate your team. Watch your business grow as your team publishes a continuous stream of high-quality content.


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Jill Phillips is a freelance writer from Buffalo, NY. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, who loves to share her insight on various topics. When she is not writing, Jill enjoys taking photos and hiking with her dog. Connect with Jill via Twitter @jillphlps

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