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Now that you’ve finally finished your college course, it is time for you to meet the real world. Finding a job as soon as you graduated from school can be both challenging and overwhelming.

You’ve got a lot of competitors who are looking for the same career as much as you do. Not to mention those who have been in the industry for quite some time now.

Fortunately, even a fresher like you can outwit those experienced individuals by creating your first impression. Creating an attractive and impressive resume will surely give you momentum.

1. Plan Your Content

Time to Plan

There are plenty of things you want to include in your resume to make a good impression. But, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to overdo it.

It is not an autobiography by the way, and all you have to do is by including all those relevant data that the employer or the recruitment staff will like to see.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Data

It is no longer necessary for example to include where in the world you studied during your kinder years.  There are plenty of thoughts that can run from the back of your head, but determine those things that can make you valuable for the company.

For freshers, an intern job can be a plus factor especially if it is somewhat related to the industry. If so, include training, seminars, and personality development courses.

3. Typography


Before creating your resume, it is important to consider the typography and format of it. Keep it consistent when using subheadings and keywords. It can be irritating on the reader’s part if you use plenty of font styles and sizes.

Ideally, using 2 up to 3 font styles is all you need to keep it clean, readable, and impressive.

4. Format

When it comes to the format, this will vary depending on the industry, your field of study, academic, and professional skills. Highlighting the most important part of the resume is important.

You should know by now that for the recruitment staff, this can be a very long day and therefore, he or she doesn’t have much time to read your resume in full detail.

Hence, proper highlighting of your value must be emphasized. You can use the italic or bold option to easily catch the eyes of the reader.

5. The Formula of Good Resume

There is no such thing as a secret formula when creating a good resume. But, you need to make sure that the contact information including your phone number, email address or mobile are updated and correct. When it comes to the educational attainment part, it is obvious to include them in a chronological order.

As mentioned, it is highly recommended to include training if undertaken and other perks you’ve recently learned in this field. Avoid unnecessary content and capitalization.

Remember, keeping your resume simple is the best formula anyone would recommend.

1 Page Resume

6. Think Like You’re the Employer

Creating an impressive resume can be easy since you know exactly what you are capable of and your qualifications. But, to determine whether your CV is good or bad, put yourself in the employer’s shoes and think it through if your resume is good enough to proceed to the next recruiting assessment.

While doing so, you should always be objective about the things that need to be improved. Then even ask yourself, why you should hire this person. If you are lack work and experience, focus on your goals and your value.

7. Use Effective Keywords

Remember that your potential will be judged according to your resume and therefore, make sure that you use impressive statements and effective keywords, title, and headings.

It is important to take good care when constructing sentences.

8. Using Bullets

Again, keep it clean, simple, and straightforward. Two up to three sentences will do and it should not be in a paragraph form. Using bullets would be your best option when describing your skills, knowledge, and market value. Try to include keywords that do not sound too vague.

Instead of using hardworking, dynamic, team player, and so, you can use an innovator, creative, and quick learner.

9. Grammar and Spelling

Probably the most important part when creating a resume. This can put you into shame when you include spelling errors or grammatically incorrect phrases or sentences.

This can put your CV in the trash bin for good. Pay attention to the overall structure of your grammar.

10. Use Grammar and Spelling Checker If Needed

There are online tools that can help you to check your grammar. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to depend on the software. You should proofread your resume by yourself.

Or, you can ask someone who can proofread your resume for you.

11. Ensure All the Data Included Are Correct

Always be precise in your statements from your training, accomplishment, and credibility. Keep in mind that this is only the first part of the recruiting process. Therefore, make sure that all the information you included is correct.

The recruitment staff might ask you for something included from your resume, hence, be ready for your answer and make sure that your statement from your resume and your interview is the same.  

12. Let Your Expertise Speak for Itself

You can simply showcase your expertise by including them in your resume. For instance, your trade is a writer, then this should represent the way how you combine words to create an impressive sentence. This is quite the same when you are a graphics animator or perhaps a graphic artist yourself.

You can showcase these skills by creating a resume by including fancy graphic arts.

13. Think out of the Box

Using icons and other elements allows your resume to look good and can save space. This ensures that your paper will not be disregarded because of its impressive looks. But, keep in mind not to overdo it when it comes to design and color.

You can also use resume templates for freshers by Canva that allow you to make an impressive resume. Canva has unique and easy to design free resume templates in which you can edit your information. These templates are professionally designed and look something like below:

Resume Templates

14. Professional Touch

Apart from using fancy graphics and icons, it is important to realize that your resume does not look only look good but has a professional touch. The overall design and format should not appear unprofessional.

15. Things to Avoid

Never include figures in your resume, the recruitment staff may ask for it, but never include it from your resume.

Never include your hobbies, these are irrelevant and if possible, never include character references so that you can create an impressive resume. The reference is only needed upon the request.

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