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When it comes to preparing for job interviews, there are a few things you can remember that will help you feel ready and comfortable when it comes time to do the interview.

By following these three simple steps for preparing for your interview, you will go in ready and make the best first impression:

1. Research the Position

Now that you’ve gotten the interview, go back and review the job posting again. Go over what they are looking for in terms of skills, experience, and education. Typically, job postings will be divided into the responsibilities of the role and the qualifications necessary to apply. By reviewing both of these, you’ll have a clear understanding of what experience is necessary and what will be expected of you in the role.

From here, you can develop a clear idea of expectations and consider how the experiences you have would give you the expertise needed for the role you’re interviewing for.

Make sure to address specific experiences and skills you have that relate, and make it clear how they relate as well. This will not only show that you’ve considered the role, but that you’ve considered how your experience and skills will fit in – and contribute to – the position they are offering.

2. Research the Company

Once you’ve clearly researched the position, the associated responsibilities, and the qualifications required, you should research the company itself. Understand what the company is called, what they do, what their mission statement is, and anything else about them and their purpose.

For example, you are called in for an interview for a Legal Assistant position at a reputable law firm such as Pace Law Firm. Before the interview, learn in depth about the company, the people, the culture,etc. The more you research what services and products they provide, the more you’ll know about the company and the more knowledgeable you’ll sound during your interview.

More than showing your interviewer that you’ve actually researched their company, it will help you see what their main objectives are and how you can fit into that company and contribute. Like you would for the position, think about concrete ways you can contribute to the company and help improve their bottom line. This will help you stand out and impress your interviewer.

3. Look Up the Interviewers

When someone contacts you about an interview, it’s a good idea to get their name and the names of anyone else that will be at the interview. This way, you’ll know the interviewers by name before you get there so that you can show how personable and friendly you are.

More than this, you can research your interviewers and get an idea of their position within the company, the relationship you would have with them in the role, and their background. Viewing them on their company website and through LinkedIn are great ways of getting a quick view of who this person is and how they serve the company.

By looking at them on here, you’ll be able to show you prepared for your interview thoroughly. Also, if someone sees that you’ve looked them up on LinkedIn prior to the interview, they know you’ll put in the work needed to prepare!

With a clear understanding of what the position, company, and interviews are expecting, you’ll be able to give them more useful information that separates you from other candidates. At the same time, you’ll show that you’ve put in the effort to understand the position, company, and peers, showing your drive, commitment, and work ethic.

By applying this information to your answers during the interview, you’ll make sure that you show them you’re a great fit!

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