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If you want to avoid the hustle of sifting through hundreds of resumes to get the best candidates for a few positions, you need to do things the smart way.

Take for example recruiting agencies and organizations – they undertake direct hiring to embrace creative recruiting to ensure only the best get hired.

New hiring techniques such as adding interactive group interviews to a recruiting process, to spot an exceptional talent, are some of the creative ways companies are embracing to make the recruiting process more efficient.

Here are some of the top strategies that help you get the right candidates for a job.

1. Use Self Selection

To sieve wheat from the chaff and ensure you only get serious candidates, it is important to add another layer of selection between resume submission and the actual interview.

One likely option for achieving this is inviting all the eligible applicants for an open group discussion event.

The Wall Street Journal invited 1200 applicants for a job position, out of which 400 showed up for the open interview event. Self-selection in such a case was very effective in eliminating the remaining 800 candidates.

Therefore, it is easy to apply for a job, but very few people will show up for the initial screening process. Besides, the process is essential in showing you how people interact in groups, something that may further help you eliminate other candidates.

2. Hand Picking Candidates from Organizations

You can get the right candidates for employment by directly approaching an already employed person. This may sound rude, but it is a commonly used strategy in which employers approach good workers intending to increase the interest in working in their company.

How can you achieve this?

You achieve this by showing how much you want them to join your organization and propose better contract terms that will be hard to resist. Direct approaches are useful as they demonstrate your intentions and how far you are willing to go out of the way to get them to work for you.

One way to start the process of handpicking candidates is by visiting their social media pages and following-up with a detailed email conveying your intentions. However, this process suits only medium and high-level management staff recruitment.

According to experts, 90% of all direct approaches result positively, which means that this is a highly efficient method of selecting a good candidate for a job.

Surveys from top recruiting agencies indicate that 90% of the direct approaches are successful meaning it’s a highly efficient method of getting the right candidates for a job.

3. Look for Talents in Unlikely Places

You can avoid the pain of sifting through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes by seeking talent in unlikely places. You can find the right talents and set of skills in places that are otherwise not considered as job markets.

Attend various youth seminars and conferences where people have a chance to display their abilities without the expectation of getting noticed for a job.

Visiting such places helps you meet people in the natural self, and you can evaluate their skills without having to worry about pretense and individuals who rehearse for interviews.

Also, this selection allows you to see the real candidate, without them feeling nervous or overwhelmed for being interviewed.

Such forums are likely to attract people who have a set of skills and talents you need. If you find the forums where the talents you are seeking to hang out, commenting, and being active on them will help you get all the information you need.

4. Identify Candidates Who Walk an Extra Mile to Get Your Attention

Written resumes on a job search site are a common phenomenon, and they are tedious to screen. Nonetheless, looking for extra creativity in candidates is essential to get the best candidates for your job.

One example of a candidate who goes the extra mile to get the job is an attached video to back up their resume. A video will help you identify whether the candidate can express himself fluently and how well he’s mastered the skills relevant to the job position.

In other words, check if candidates have done something extra to get your attention, aside from the traditional resume and cover letter application.

5. Consider Former Candidates

You could have rejected a candidate in a previous job interview for one reason or another. Perhaps at that point, you have found a more suitable candidate for the job in question, while the person would be a great fit for this job position. Or perhaps the candidate was solid, but you only had limited posts to fill.

Regardless of the reason, you can consider inviting such a candidate again for the interview and check if they are still willing to work with you. Such recruiting is efficient and less expensive as you do not have to spend resources to get to such candidates.

It is important to give such candidates a second chance to prove their abilities, and you might be surprised to find out they are the best fit for the job.

6. Consider Referrals

For a long time, referrals have proven to be reliable for finding the perfect candidate. Linking with other employers and asking for referrals may be a valuable way of getting the right candidate for your job.

You just have to tell people you are looking for candidates and they will refer people who ranked second or have been rejected for other reasons. Such methods may just be the best way to get a candidate and are proven to be very efficient.

Regardless of the smart way you settle on to get the perfect candidate, it is important to screen each applicant before finally awarding them the job. Of course, each position will require a different way of identifying a candidate.

Therefore, consult widely and always check for new techniques used by other recruiting agencies and companies to select their candidates.

Remember this – recruiting is a continuous process and you can never be sure where you’ll find the best candidate for the job. Hence, always be on the lookout. This will allow you to always find the best candidates, whenever you have a job position to fill.

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