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Do you want to become an expert in the art of writing, although you are still a newbie in the field?

Yes, writing is also a form of art, and it requires equal devotion from you to be an excellent writer.

Being an efficient writer will surely boost your confidence level up, which is further necessary at any point in life. Though this is a fact that the world of writing is huge! One can often find himself lost in the pool of thousands of guidelines and can get confused as to what should be the first step.

The whole process can seem mind-boggling to anyone new to the writing industry, leading them to get trapped in an endless loop of do’s and don’ts.

Why Take-up Writing as a Career

Writing has emerged as one of the most popular career options in the present times. Excellent pay, job security, plenty of opportunities, and a chance to work with a diverse set of customers is rare in the present times. Whether it be a personal blog, a professional website, a popular magazine, or a national daily; good quality writers are in great demand all around the year. Employers are willing to offer the top dollar to acquire the services of a great writer. While the opportunities with various offline options are always there, but the promise for future growth lies online.

With the rising popularity of the internet as a source of information and billions of users accessing it daily, the importance of having a strong presence on the internet for any business or individual or a professional cannot be overstated. Whether one deals with products or services, the internet accords the opportunity to reach the maximum number of potential customers within a quick time and at a minimal cost. But with the competition online also intensifying, merely having a well-designed and user-friendly website is not enough.

The website or blog must offer informational content that adds value to the existing knowledge of the reader. A well-researched and well-written content piece not only attracts the readers/searchers to your platform, but in fact, keeps them there for long enough for you to market your products and services. Moreover, good quality content is the backbone of your SEO campaign, which allows you to enjoy a higher ranking on SERP and drive more visitors to your platform.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

But the road to success is never straightforward, and the same holds for writing. One must possess certain qualities and skills to be successful in this profession. If you are new to the world of writing, then you need to work extra hard on improving your skills.

Here are some tips and tricks that would clear out the basics that a beginner requires to start decently without getting disheartened. Concentration and focus are the foremost things you would require in the whole act of writing as well as while reading the tips mentioned below so that you can grasp the idea behind the tips and finally apply it to your writing.

So, here we go with the tips to enhance writing skills for a beginner: 

MBA Resume-Writing Skills

1. Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect.” You must have come across the proverb at least once in your lifetime. The fact is that the proverb is universally applicable to anything that you come across. It could be any simple activity like reading or some complex talents like acrobatics.

Even if you are not able to deliver your desired potential, in the beginning, you must not lose hope during your journey. Be true to your journey and develop a habit of writing regularly and follow it without fail. Missing out on your practice schedule can compromise on the improvement that you have been able to achieve in the whole time. Whatever may be your genre of writing, it will only get better with practice.

So, start by picking up some pertinent topics and write about them in your own words. You can put it online for others to share their views or send it to someone with previous experience. Their feedback should be taken in stride, and the criticism that comes your way should be considered as constructive criticism.   

Do not feel disheartened. The practice is very important. Keep practising and mark these words that efforts never go in vain; neither will your improvement and art of writing. Slowly but surely, you will be able to acquire the skills required to excel in the world of writing.

2.  Develop Your Structure

You must have come across a popular author or blog writer or any content creator that has impressed you beyond limits and now you want to have an exceptional writing style like him.

Do not ever make this mistake. Having inspiration is not a harmful thing, but you need to be careful that you have to develop your special skills on your own. No one wants to see a photocopy of another popular writer. The only thing you will become famous for being plagiarism in such a scenario. Now, you don’t want that, do you? So, keep writing until you notice your structure and pattern and try to improve it with time.

Strategize and come up with your idea of enticing a large audience. You have to be original if you wish to make it big for a writer. Even if it is just a hobby, it is always better to be original.

3. Look for Your Field of Interest

No one is capable of writing in all genres and all styles. Some genres are best written by a particular writer, and some genres are better to be left untouched. You can’t be good at everything. Look out for your interest.

Along with looking out for your field of interest, you also have to find out what pattern of writing suits your structure. Every genre of writing needs a whole framework of varying styles of writing, modified structure, and a suitable thinking process.

So, you have a pool of options waiting for you. Dive into it, experiment at all the stuff available and then come up with the genre and pattern that suits your writing style perfectly.

You can choose any one of the broader categories: content writing and creative writing.

4. Keep it Simple and Sober

Although complex writing structures are applauded by critics, yet let’s not forget that you are still a beginner. Additionally, not everyone can excel in the complex writing style. If you make a mess in the write-up, it will be criticized negatively than positively.

Not everyone can handle too much negative criticism. So, a safer and better way is to resort to using a simple and sober term.

Along with having the benefit of a simple structure, it also reaches a mass audience. Understanding high-quality content is not for everyone, and people read what they can relate to.

Remember that you are writing for an audience, so you must gauge what the audience wants. Your terminology and style of writing should be according to the preferences of your target audience. For instance, for children, you need simple terms and creative writing while for research papers, you need to use professional terms and keep the content precise and to the point.

After all, how many of us have gone through Shakespeare’s writings and understand every verse that he has penned down?

5. Research Well

Before you present our thoughts through your writing, you have to take care of the fact that the wrong facts mentioned can add to your downfall. So, before you pen it down, research the concerned topic in detail.

Write down well researched and authentic facts gathered from reliable sources all over the internet or books or newspapers or any authentic source of information. Do not start writing just because you have a good idea. You need to develop a proper structure and then write accordingly because only then can you keep your readers engrossed.

Content Writer-Writing Skills

6. Take a Glance at the Grammar and Spellings

Okay, we know that being a beginner does not mean that you lack grammar and spelling, but it is not harmful to revisit the pages of rules and spellings to not make any unintended mistakes while writing down.

Along with your writing being original, it should be of high quality. Now, high-quality writing requires a lot of various aspects being structure, choice of words, idea, and ideology, to name a few. Grammar and spelling are one of them and to deliver high-quality content, you must brush up your skills while taking grammar and spelling into consideration. If required, there are various free as well as paid online tools that can help you get the grammar part correct.

7. Work for a Content Writing Company

If you want some exposure to the writing world, you can always go for working for a short duration under any content writing company.

There are a lot of content writing companies that hire employees on a short-term basis. You can look for such a company and work under it for some time. Working under your superiors who have had years of experience at content writing will help you improve a lot. They will teach you the writing principles while you are already delivering write-ups.

Working for a content writing company is a great move before you dive into writing for your self.

8. Read

Yes, you read that correctly! Writing and reading go hand in hand. While you do not have to be a writer to be an avid reader, but you have to read in a decent amount if you think of writing.

You should read to get an idea of how experienced writer uses the words to deliver their ideas and take inspiration from them for your writings.

It also has various other benefits that can contribute a lot to write. Reading also increases your command over spellings and grammar. It also increases your fluency in the concerned language. It also makes you better at vocabulary.

So, you must have got it now that reading has a lot of benefits and you can use them greatly while writing on your own.

9. Use Outlines for Your Write-ups

It is always beneficial to outline before you write. Make a certain plot around the introduction. Think of how much you want to write in the introduction.

Next, move to the body. Think of how many parts you want your body to be segregated into. Decide the outlines of the segregations made in the body. Decide how much matter is supposed to be written into each part and set a word limit for each part.

The last is the conclusion which is completely your call for developing writing skills. It can be as short as a line or two and as long as a paragraph or two. Still, set another word limit and outline for your conclusion.

10. Don’t Hesitate

You should never hesitate to voice out your opinion over things. Do not fear getting judged by the masses. Stay calm and true to your stand. It is okay to have a different viewpoint of the majority.

Do not hesitate while practicing writing skills. Pour your heart on the paper, and it will do wonders. We already know that anything that comes out of the heart reaches the hearts.

So, do not fear the world. Lift your pen and start writing without any delay.

Do not delay and postpone your writing unnecessarily. Writing requires consistency, be consistent.

Here we discussed ten basic tips for a beginner to brush up his skill in writing. Treat writing as a form of art and try to excel it with practice and hard work. Be passionate about it.

Try seeking assistance from your family, friends, or make a pen-pal if you want. Getting constant supervision will work for your benefit, and your writing will improve drastically in a short period. Consistency and improvement are the keys to success in the field of anything.

Lastly, all the best and start writing to improve your skills.


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Heena Ansari is a professional content writer, and a blogger at Italics, a content writing company in Delhi which provides high-quality content globally. She aims to give writing skills tips & guide for a beginner and help them to grow their career in content writing.

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