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The sound of music, the thrill of operations, the debates of a courtroom and the shenanigans of the classroom. So many professions to mold in career but still don’t know the perfect choice for yourself?

Students often opt out career paths that are chosen by their parents or peers, and which might prove right, but would never lead them on the road to success.

Being happy in what you do, is a gift to the destined and only a few get to cherish it. We often fall into traps of following our family’s footsteps or proving to peer and lose on what our heart really wants.

 A recent survey showed that they’re expected to change careers at least thrice in a lifetime. Sticking to one lifelong career is not a trend anymore.

So, below are certain tricks and tips that would help you to pick a career and not go the mainstream way of selecting your future.

1. Determine What You’re Enthusiastic For

Have you ever felt a need to not mention your career in a conversation? Or even the thought of it disturbs you?

Well, this is the first and foremost step for ruling out the perfect career choice for you.

Being enthusiastic and portraying passion about that particular work, will make you enjoy it and even make you build your boat in times of storms.

Feeling content, happy, energetic and enthusiastic about the work will lead you to be successful in the very field and make you do wonders. Ask yourself, is there any job you’d do for free?

Follow your heart, and you’ll find your lead.

2. Analyze What You’re Good At

It might happen that you don’t feel passionate about a very option, but you’re capable of doing wonders in it. Or you’re excited about a spectrum of careers, and you wish to narrow down one.

Analyzing your strengths is, hence very important here. One will get a bright idea about future choices if they’re able to determine what they excel in.

Listing your strengths and weaknesses would help you in gaining analytical knowledge about one’s abilities.

3. Testing Aptitudes

One of the easiest ways of decision-making about a career is to take the test and analyze the outcomes. There are various personality tests that match your personality traits with suitable career options.

One of the most popular is the Myers and Brigs test. There are many other aptitude tests as well that analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and one can quickly take them online or at the institutional level.

4. Intern for a Preferred Industry

The best way to explore a career option is by interning in the respective field. This would give you a fair idea of what’s ahead to unfold and what you can make of it.

One can easily intern for a couple of companies and then narrow down their preferred career options. This gives a very realistic decision-making ability so that one can select the optimal choices.

5. Get a Guide

The next best way is to find mentors from the professions that interest you, so they can give you a reality check about what’s ahead. They can provide you with cerebral and rational information, so you can quickly weigh your options.

In case if they don’t object, you can always shadow them around their workplace to see the environment and align them with your interests and capabilities.

6. Detour Mainstream

Tired and bored with the primary occupations like a doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, etc.? Explore a list of alternative career options that not only might interest you but also pay you well. Exploring the internet for the best options can also help you figure out the one for you.  

7. Inquiries

One of the most progressive ways of decision-making is communication. Ask and seek. Ask professionals belonging to the preferred file and seek information. Know about their work lifestyle, salary, timing, etc.

LinkedIn is a well-reputed application that connects people with professionals. Build your connections and then ask them everything. Professional advisors are also available on the platform.

8. Apply the PVC Formula

Your dream career option is most likely to fit in the PVC formula.

Passion +Values + Capabilities = Success.

Determine your passion; combine it with your capabilities and values and voilà!

Here’s your dream career. Deriving a career option that fits the formula can make you successful and do wonders in just no time.  

9. Career Mapping

When aiming at a specific career, one should always map out and set concrete milestones to achieve the desired goal. Let’s say if you wish to become the restaurant owner, then map your way to the final destination by setting short-term, real-time goals.

A proper plan will guide you throughout your journey and help you lead to your dream.

10. Measure Your Career in Miles

Life is a marathon with various milestones, and hence, It is better to measure your career in those milestones than a long race. Believe in yourself and make it work.

Having a career diversion is not a sin, but a progressive thought in the long run. All you need is dedication, passion, patience and most of all happiness. It’s well quoted that, “Passion is the only difference between a job and a career.”.

The Wrap Up

These tricks and tips will definitely help you in opting for what’s best for you by making rational decisions about your career and giving one a reality check on what each profession holds.  

Practice what you shall cherish and preserve, not something you’d abandon. Being happy in what you do is the key to a perfect career, even if it means to be walking on the road not taken.

Do the work that feeds your soul and not your ego, because you only live once and making the best of this life is all you should be concerned about.  The future of your perfect career depends on what you do today.


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