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For some people, the art of networking is a knack that they seem to be born with, while others can find it very difficult to get the ball rolling and connect with other professionals.

However, with the right application and understanding, networking can be something that you breeze through and thoroughly enjoy.

It can be especially troublesome for introverted people to be successful at networking and bring in new industry contacts and opportunities for both themselves and their company. Whether it’s finding it difficult opening conversations or not connecting on a personal level, there are many areas a person can work on to become better at networking.

If you are looking to learn how to become better at networking then have a read through some of our tips to help you boost your networking skills and become successful in your industry.

Being Prepared

It always helps to have interesting questions during any event as it can set you apart from those asking the usual questions. Put some thought into any unique perspectives or approaches you can bring up regarding your industry and watch how refreshing your new take on issues are.

Staying Positive

During most conversations, you may find it is far more enjoyable for everyone to be positive and friendly and this is no different when it comes to networking.

Even just smiling has been shown to help increase facial recognition recall, so you can quickly make your mark on the industry and build up friends and contacts in no time.

Connect Before the Event

With the astronomical rise of social media and online platforms in recent years, it has become possible to get acquainted with people without ever actually meeting them. When it comes to networking, it is possible to connect online with other individuals attending an event so you have a few acquaintances and opportunities before you have even arrived.

It can also be a lot easier for introverted people to connect through social media first before furthering the friendship in person.

Be Introduced by Someone

When it comes to introducing yourself and opening up a conversation, you will always have more credibility if you are introduced by someone rather than approaching as a stranger.

One study found that 84% of people highlighted word-of-mouth recommendations as the most reliable, so try your best to have a personal introduction from a friend or colleague.

Find Like-minded People

Studies have found that people gravitate towards those who express shared values in a phenomenon known as the similarity-attraction effect. When speaking with others, be sure to connect on any shared values so that you can form a stronger bond.

Keep in Touch after the Event

There’s no point fixing our basic list of contacts and industry acquaintances only to neglect them and have them lead to nothing. This is why it’s very important to follow up on your new relationships after the event so that you can maintain ties over the long-term. This can be anything from a quick email about what an excellent time you had to enjoy a lunch or coffee break together.

Putting Yourself out There

Introverts may be somewhat apprehensive about the prospects of networking, but this is usually just in the mind. Make that initial push to get yourself out into the world and you’ll soon find yourself relaxing into the situation and making lifelong friends and industry contacts in no time!

Putting these tips from GetVoIP into action will be the first step towards crushing your next networking event.

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