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If you want to become a better boss, one of the best things you can focus on is making yourself more optimistic. Managers who are optimistic are more likely to be effective leaders.

When you are optimistic, your optimism has a way of rubbing off on your employees. This has a snowball effect, turning your entire company into a hotbed of optimism and innovation.

When you are ready to transform your life and your business, use the following five tips to become an optimistic boss who motivates employees every day.

1. Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

One of the best things about optimists is that they do not dwell on their mistakes. Instead, they view every mistake simply as another step on the road to success. You need to use your mistakes to learn and grown, but you cannot beat yourself or your employees up about them.

You should make sure every member of your staff knows that mistakes will be treated as merely fleeting setbacks. This gives them the courage to fail, which allows them to spread their wings and make important discoveries.

2. Always Accentuate the Positive

Optimistic leaders always focus on the positive progress their teams are making no matter how incremental it is. You should start all of your meetings by celebrating your employees’ recent successes. When you make an effort to focus on the positive side of things, it breeds optimism throughout your company.

When your employees know that the positive side of things will always be focused on, they will work hard to bring in results that keep the positivity going. Make sure to reward your employees’ positive results. Just as you strive to perform well at your job for compensation and benefits, your employees will strive to do well when they know that positive results receive compensation. 

3. Be Open to Criticism

One of the paradoxes about being optimistic is that it means you need to be able to embrace criticism. One of the differences between optimists and pessimists is the way they perceive criticism. Optimists look at criticism as a useful tool to help them learn how to improve.

Pessimists get defensive and think negative feedback makes them a failure. When you are open to criticism from both your employees and your customers, you will be a tremendous boss who achieves a high level of success.

4. Give Honest Feedback

A mistake many people make is thinking that being an optimistic boss means that you cannot criticize your employees. This is simply not true. When you are optimistic, it doesn’t mean you cannot criticize your employees. In fact, giving your employees honest feedback about their mistakes is a true embracement of optimism.

When you give your employees criticism, it means that you are optimistic that they will use the feedback to grow and improve in the future. Just make sure that you always lean towards accentuating their positive successes rather than critiquing their failures. Two pats on the back for every one critique will keep their progress positive.

5. Push Them to Do Better

One of the best things about being an optimistic manager is that it means you get to push your employees to reach for greatness. Optimistic bosses are their employees’ biggest cheerleaders. At every moment, they are pushing their employees to strive to do better.

At the same time that you push your employees to do better, you also provide them with motivation. When you inspire them with your positive attitude, you will be amazed at the results your team can achieve.

If you want to be the best possible leader, then you need to embrace positivity in every aspect of your management style. You need to be unrelenting in your positive approach to life, and your influence will help turn your business into an optimistic dynamo.

Positivity is absolutely contagious. To turn yourself into an optimistic boss who inspires your employees, use the five tips above to turn yourself into a force for positivity in your office.

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