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As they say, time is money. The importance of this expression cannot be overemphasized as time is of the essence in everything man does, and this also translates to running businesses and organizations.

Proper management of time can decide the fate as well as the success rate of that organization.

Considering this, the necessity for utmost efficiency in most organizations has made the proper management and utilization of time a priority.

For organizations and institutions, the best measure for time well spent is the amount of productivity achieved in that period. This might seem inappropriate, but it’s important to note that adequately tracked, managed, and an organized time presents the framework for billable work.

Organizations have gone through varying avenues to measure and allocate time over the years. However, with digitization and technology, more efficient methods are beginning to unfold, and today some of the time tracking solutions are near perfect in terms of their efficiency.

There are several great time tracking software that does not only help to keep track of the work of employees but also enable us to monitor the progress of some of the projects.

Proper time tracking software gives the company a useful resource in the form of tools like spreadsheets, project trackers, as well as a detailed project management report.

Take, for instance, the Trello time tracking software. Time tracking for Trello is not just about keeping tabs on employees and projects but also about making sure the company reaches its set goals within the set period.

Depending on preference, most time tracking software can merge with other business as well as productivity solutions, including payroll, accounting, and HR platforms. Here are the top 12 Time Tracking software to improve team productivity:

Time Tracking Software To Improve Team Productivity

1. Harvest

Harvest has been one of the more trusted brands for several years in terms of delivering reliable time tracking software.

The software offers as very simple yet powerful time monitoring software that possesses all of the required features to deliver in terms of automation and optimization of work. It is quite useful for companies in estimating and invoicing of millions of hours as well as the costs of their projects.


It also has a built-in expense tracking that enables collaborative workload. Harvest is quite effective in the organization of teams through its incredible collection of data.  

It’s also renowned for its intuitive presentation of visual reports that ensures the organization can remotely monitor activities of employees and help them take the most viable route to profit.

2. Toggl

Toggl is a cloud-based time-tracking platform that’s simple to operate.

It boasts flexibility in terms of use and is quite suitable for individuals as well as freelancers who desire to gain more control over the use of their time. It has a built-in project management feature that can be used to assign varying tasks and projects to employees.


One of its top features is its speed as users get to start calculating billable hours as well as tracking time as soon as they log into the platform.

Users also have the option to manually input the exact number of hours they need the software to maintain a record of their minutes and tasks.

3. Timenotes

Timenotes have built an efficienttime tracking for Trello that provides an effective way to monitor all of one’s projects and activities through a simple yet intuitive platform.

It works via a simple Google chrome extension that adds time tracking buttons to one’s Trello tasks.  Time tracking for Trello is about providing a simple way to seamlessly embed all of the user’s tasks and activities to a user-friendly interface where the user gets to keep tabs on these tasks.


It’s available on several platforms and is ready to be used in few seconds after installation of the Timenotes chrome extension. This is quite an innovative way to connect one’s project on board as well as keep track of time.

4. Time Doctor

This platform employs a perfect combination of time tracking with monitoring of staff as well as project management. It’s an effective monitoring tool for monitoring employees as it gives comprehensive information about each employee of the company.

It is quite effective when there’s a need to ensure the optimal productivity of employees.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is packed with intelligent features like pop-up notifications, frequent screenshots to guarantee accountability as well as an effective chat monitor that helps the organization keep an eye on the amount of time being expended on calls and meetings by the employees.

5. Paymo

Paymo is a feature-rich tool that ensures maximum productivity as well as on-time delivery, especially for freelancers. It’s ideal to meet the needs of organizations in terms of time tracking and invoicing with a variety of features for timesheet reporting as well as cost estimation.


The Paymo platform also offers the option of choosing between varying billing methods which include time billing as well as material billing to suit clients’ needs. The platform also has a built-in invoicing as well as reporting that ensures a seamless time management process for users.

6. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a cloud-based monitoring platform that offers dual time tracking mode for its users. Tracking can be done either manually by the use of timers or automatically through the use of the desktop app. It’s perfectly suitable for agencies and individuals who desire to collaborate while simultaneously tracking billable hours and monitoring their project status.

The platform is also capable of generating an automated employee payroll as well as send payment invoices to respective customers.


It ensures maximum productivity through its real-time monitoring capability that enables the organization to see if their employees are as productive as expected during each day’s work. Time camp is quite flexible as it allows users to customize their preferences to suit their needs and demands at any instant.

7. Clockify

Clockify is a simple yet effective time tracker that lets the user track the amount of time spent on a project with relative ease.

It’s packed with some jaw-dropping features like an online timer that tracks work hours, attendance manager, employee timesheet manager as well as a possibility to invite other people to track time.


It demystifies the concept of reporting by making a visual breakdown of the weekly reports as well as tracked time. Users get to calculate their billable hours while also setting hourly rates in a bid to ensure optimal productivity.

8. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a very powerful tracking tool that ensures real-time monitoring of time usage and location of company employees. This feature is particularly suitable for companies who deal with sales and delivery that require frequent traveling of employees from one location to another.


It’s equipped with a GPS tracking system that lets an organization track time and employees simultaneously. This feature gives the company a detailed knowledge of how their employees spend their working and traveling time while on the road.

Other exciting features this platform offers include automated screenshots and the creation of payrolls for payment of employees.

9. Tick

Tick is a time tracking tool that gets the job done. The platform has a quite simple interface, but its array of features catches the eyes. Its adaptability to different sizes of tasks makes it unique. It offers the capability of tracking time with an estimation of time vs. task prepared by the user.


One of its distinguishing features is its capability of allowing users to create multiple timers for multiple tasks to assess the time required to execute the entire project. The presence of a timecard that simplifies the whole tracking process is also a huge plus.

10. Clicktime

Clicktime makes tracking, managing, and reporting of employee time quite easy and straightforward. It’s equipped with a lot of special features like timesheets as well as timely reports that give vital information as regards productivity. All of these features help organizations reduce running costs and also manage performance simultaneously.


The platform also helps to estimation project costs while also aiding the organization in the review of employees’ past performance. Timesheet also gives comprehensive information on those who have finished their tasks and those that haven’t in one single report.

11. Timely

Timely is an automated time tracking platform that boosts productivity as well as profitability. It’s readily usable by project managers as well as freelancers on any task, however large or small it is. It keeps a record of whatever the user is working on via a recording tracker which makes tracking work smooth and seamless.


One also has the option of renaming entry titles, reassignment of tags along with adjustment of regrouped activities. One intriguing feature is the capability of resuming one’s work on any device with its real-time sync option.

12. Hours

Hours time tracking tool is a time clock platform that’s equipped with simple time tracking options. Hours lets the users keep a variety of running tabs of timers and also allows the possibility of switching between these tabs.

12 Hours

One unique feature of this tool is the possibility of managing one’s tasks and running projects via color-coding. This means one can easily distinguish between multiple running tasks with the aid of colors specifically assigned to each of the tasks.

13. TimeTrack

TimeTrack is a time tracking software that’s perfect for teams and small and medium-sized enterprises wanting to plan projects, track their working hours as well as project expenses to monitor their project progress. Not only does the tool help keep up with the project status, but it also creates reports for you to evaluate your efficiency.


Further, the tool has many intuitive features that help manage employees and their workflow. There is a team calendar to keep up with everyone’s holidays and you can generate invoices for your clients, without needing external systems.

14. Kickidler

Kickidler is a new-generation employee monitoring software. The program has a powerful set of tools that encourage greater dedication to employees.

Kickidler’s functionality includes time tracking, employee productivity analysis, efficiency trends as well as the option to screen an unlimited number of monitors in real-time and record computer activity.


In 2020 developers of the program released an update called Autokick, which helps make employee monitoring even more democratic. Now the program includes automatic notifications and a self-monitoring interface. The program itself will notify an employee that, for example, they’ve been reading the news for too long. It will also show employees their productivity statistics. Other functions of Kickidler software: PC remote control, keylogger, violation control.


Time tracking is a big asset to any organization that’s looking to make profits in the short and long run. It is also quite ideal for budding freelancers who desire to complete their project in record time while maintaining a perfect delivery record.

All the time trackers listed above are great at recording activities and boosting performance.

Which one of these time trackers will you consider?

And what can be your reason for picking this particular tracker?

You can also share your experience using any of these time trackers with other users.

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