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At some point in your professional life, you want to make a difference in your chosen career. However, there are many hurdles in turning a new leaf like financial stability or uncertainty with life direction.

Most of the times, these hurdles hold back your decision to move on and make a change until you no longer realize the need for a career change.

But what are the signs that might push you to consider a new direction in your professional career?

1. Job Contentment

When you are new to a job, you have that spark and enthusiasm that keeps you moving at your new workplace. You report to work one hour early. And you would stay beyond office hours unless the bosses have left the building.

Also, volunteer to prepare business presentations for clients or to make copies of documents. You keep the same enthusiasm for one year. Until one day, waking up feels like dragging yourself to work.

You are already anxious about the 10 am meeting at work even before you have your first cup of coffee.

It seems like nothing is exciting anymore about going to work. And everything you do becomes a routine.

If you are craving something new and exciting. And a great hobby is not enough to fill that void. You might consider looking for something else.

2. When Your Talent & Potentials Are Not Recognized

The first time you got a new job, you hope for a sense of growth. You feel like your current job will teach you things about the business, which can potentially help you climb that corporate ladder. Getting feedback from either your employer or co-workers lets you know how much you have improved and the things you need to work on. However, if you are surrounded by coworkers, who constantly notice your weaknesses and keep

Getting feedback from either your employer or co-workers lets you know how much you have improved and the things you need to work on.

However, if you are surrounded by coworkers, who constantly notice your weaknesses and keep mum about your contribution to the team or business, it becomes less motivating to work.

If your boss does not trust your potential, it is difficult to remain loyal. Go for a career change.

You want to be surrounded by people who give you constructive feedback that will only improve your work quality but your overall character as well.

3. Stunted Professional Growth

Every employee dreams of achieving something in their journey towards fruitful employment. Unfortunately, some employees wait in vain for years to get that chance.

Career spelled in a game of scrabble

To those who value loyalty over career growth, they believe that that opportunity has not yet arrived. Even if they have been working for five years in the same company with the same position.

Sometimes, you have to have control of your own journey. And ask your employer if they can help you with your career growth.

If you think there is no solution in sight or your employer cannot help you advance your career, move on.

4. The Corporate Culture

There is nothing more stressful than being in a toxic working environment. Gossips and office politics are inevitable. But there is a limit to what a human being can only handle with civility.

A hostile working environment is a difficult place to be in because it adds to the pressure to the actual job. Leadership and workplace problems can affect your performance and even your ability to advance.

If the toxicity of the workplace is unbearable to the point that it affects your personal life. Then hand in your resignation.

5. No Freedom to Express Yourself

Your performance in your career is dependent on your ability to freely express yourself. A good employer-employee relationship rests on open and respectful communication whether it is on the job or their professional relationship.

This also includes your freedom to discuss the increase in your salary or the possibility of being regularized after being a temp employee for six months.

If your employer does not give you the freedom to do your job or to speak your mind, you might have to consider the career change.

Take this opportunity to evaluate your career and your plans. Your decision does not only determine what you want to achieve in your professional career, but it also reflects your perspective of life.

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