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Are you bored with your recent career?

​If so, maybe it’s time for a change of path. After waking up dozens of times feeling unmotivated, surely a new environment would cure your longing for a fresh setup.

​However, is this really the ideal decision to make? While it may sound good to your ears, jumping from one work to the next certainly needs some contemplation.

​If you are already on your 3rd job this month, and you are still not contented, something must be really going on. ​At this point, you may feel lost and insecure about your next plan.

​Before you say goodbye to your old job, is it time for another career change? Have a look at this article for enlightenment:

5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Your Career Change:

1. Do Still Have Passion and Purpose?

Sometimes, people unknowingly create business ventures or find a job that doesn’t even appeal much to them.

​There are many reasons why this occurs. Some from a family passing the business to their forced children and others accept jobs out of sheer desperation.

​While this is inevitable, staying for good can drain you ultimately. Thus, before you get your resumes ready, ask yourself if the work you are aiming coincides with your purpose and passion in life.

 2. Do You Value Your Role?

How rewarding is your role in the company?

​If you can’t even put pride in what you are doing, then it’s high time that you find something that does. Your role doesn’t always have to make you feel like you’re doing a chore; it must be something that gives satisfaction and enjoyment as well. 

3. Do Still Have Room to Grow?

One way of knowing that your current job is becoming tiring is when you become apathetic of it. The lack of spark and the constant boredom usually means that you are not challenged anymore.

​When opportunities to grow run out, it’s time for a career change.

 4. Do You Love Your Company?

Although you might be in your ideal position, your environment also matters.

​If the business isn’t making you happy anymore, try to write down all the things you hate about it.

​The mere fact that you can write all day about the things that you don’t like in the office is a sure sign that it’s time to move on. 

5. Do You Often Feel Stressed Out and Generally Tired?

Negativity from work can often lead to a stressful ride. It can even make us sick and depleted from the bones.

​Having miserable times at the office can even lead to a serious case of depression. If your job gives you more migraines than smiles, find something that doesn’t intimidate you.

​The secret is to find balance in what you are doing no matter what the job is, but if this is not happening in your current one, move on.

7 Signs That Tell You That You Need a Career Change 

1. When You Have Apathetic Emotions

If you can’t find something that would make you squirm in excitement, then the business that you are in has no meaning anymore. The dying passion is evident when getting up in the morning is something tiring and when being late in the office doesn’t affect you any longer.

​If the only emotion you get is apathy, your work performance will wilt, and your purpose will fade. 

2. When You Are Undervalued by Your Superiors

You are an important element in the business, but if you feel like no praises come along, this could eventually hamper your situation in your career. Feeling underappreciated could plummet down your motivation to zero. The lack of value in your potential could cloud your confidence.

​Instead, find a job that recognizes what you truly have.

 3. When You Are Constantly Stagnant

Do you feel like you could do more in your job? If so, you are in need of growth.

​The lack of opportunities can definitely bore you out. When you think that they are not the right people to be with or if you think that a bigger company is what it takes, go for it.

 4. When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

It is important that you can blend in with the culture of the office. This does not only make you associate with the group smoothly, but this would also mean that you are going to work as a dynamic tight bunch.

​ Not having this kind of relationship in the office means that you need to find your own kind of people.

 5. When You Are Not Rewarded Sufficiently

Benefits are always present in a company, but if this does not suffice, you should transfer. Having a standard is fine as long as this is a reasonable one.

​When you think that you are not paid well for the quality of work you’ve given, find one that suits you.

 6. When You’ve Become Distrustful

Transparency is essential in any work. Although having roles in the company is unavoidable, not being transparent will only divide and create distrust in the group.

​Don’t hold it against yourself if you may feel unable to give your loyalty to your seniors. When everything feels questionable, don’t be afraid to start all over again.

 7. When You Feel Like You Can’t Be Yourself

Every company has a protocol that needs to be followed by every worker, but being turned into someone you are not is simply wrong. Rules are essential, but giving you an identity crisis is a different issue. You should be able to act, innovate, and think of your own authentic ways.

In today’s competitive world, being able to have a job even if it’s not your niche is already considered a blessing for some.

It is fine when you can tolerate it, but if this eventually saps all the life in you, it’s high time to let go and find something that would really fit you.

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