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Success isn’t something that can be measured and not related to wealth, as many people mistakenly think. Success is about achieving something great that sets you apart from other people.

It’s about following your path and being fulfilled in day to day life.

I like to think that life should be lived with a sense of purpose, to fulfill one’s existence, and attain happiness and fulfillment. To go through life randomly without wanting to achieve something significant will lead you to live a shallow and uncertain life.

Those who have found their life purpose and strive daily to reach and surpass their goals are on the right track when it comes to attaining success.

While there is no “magic recipe” for success, there are things that you can do to boost your chances of making it in life. More than that, there are certain negative habits that successful people know to stay away from:

1. Procrastination

You might have heard about the discussion between the two titans of international literature, Stephen King and George R.R. Martin about writer’s block.

Stephen King’s approach to writing is a good example of a “just-do-it” attitude. He doesn’t believe in “waiting for the right moment” and he prefers doing something rather than waiting for it to happen.

The secret is to focus on doing, regardless of your mood or creative flow. It may sound odd, but you can’t do something unless you get started. The faster you start, the less time you will have spent.

2. Blaming Others

It’s easy to blame others for things that have happened in your life. People play the blame-game when they feel their ego threatened and cannot deal with the shame. The first step in fixing one of your issues is admitting its existence.

Blaming others for your faults is counterproductive for your growth. Also, blaming others for your faults will make you look untrustworthy.

3. Perfectionism

There is one thing about perfection that many people fail to realize: it’s not real. Anybody telling themselves differently is deluding themselves. In the same sense, if you’re working on something: a business, project, or work of art, it’s unwise to refuse to accept mistakes or flaws.

Being overly critical with your mistakes will make it very difficult for you to get things done.

4. Self-pity

Thinking about your problems, exaggerating outcomes, and counting the hardships of life will drain you of your energy. Even if you reach a depressingly low point in your life, drowning in self-pity won’t help. It will only keep you grounded in a state of uncertainty and helplessness, which is certainly not the ideal problem-solving state.

Everyone has problems, yet some handle them better than others. Whenever you see yourself surrounded by problems, try to be grateful for the good things life. It’s the only way to spot that silver lining.

5. Giving Up

Some people have so little self-confidence that they spend their lives avoiding failure. The problem is that full potential can’t be reached if you give up after failing.

Loving what you do can make it easier to keep ongoing. That way, even if you did fail, the activity also held some positive aspects to it, like feeling energized,

The life of every successful person is full of ups and downs. Bill Gates’ first company went bankrupt and when Walt Disney tried to negotiate with MGM to publish his Mickey Mouse cartoons, he was rejected. Minor failures shouldn’t discourage you. They are your best teachers.

6. Stop Learning

It’s easy to stop growing physically and mentally when day-to-day life already seems too much. Successful people know that work isn’t everything. Investing in yourself is necessary for growth.

Reading helps you gather new information and opens your mind to new ideas, opportunities, and opinions. The knowledge that you accumulate will have a lasting effect on the choices that you make.

A charismatic person doesn’t underestimate the power of knowledge. Being knowledgeable means that you can relate to more people, which will open many doors.

7. Get Distracted

In today’s world, it’s easy to let yourself be distracted by the multitude of information that bombards us daily. Indeed, it’s easy to check your e-mail or Facebook account when you hear your phone beep.

Even if you’re distracted for one minute, the time and energy that it takes to shift focus back on the activity simply isn’t worth satisfying such trivial curiosities.

Distraction comes in many forms: from friends, family, or other activities that take up your time. Being involved in many activities can enrich your life in so many ways, but it can also distract you from your true purpose.

Successful people know how to prioritize activities to now lose sight of what’s truly important.

8. Let Stress Get the Best of Them

Successful people know the importance of taking the time off to blow some steam and recharge batteries. Also, they don’t get stressed out when small things don’t turn out as they had expected.

Successful people know that life is full of unexpected twists and turns. They go with the flow and handle the unknown with confidence.

Surely you’ve been guilty of at least one thing on this list at some point in your life. We are human, after all, and striving to be successful oftentimes goes against human nature.

Laziness can be considered the main obstacle in the road of success, yet people are inclined to feel lazy.

Doing things that aren’t necessarily pleasurable is one of the main driving forces of success, yet people are inclined to do only that bring them pleasure or immediate gain.

These facts are a clear indication that attaining success is hard and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How did you surpass your obstacles? Which another habit would you need to give up to ease your road to success?

Written By
Michael Schoeff is a pet product entrepreneur from Columbus Ohio. He is proud of his development as a human being so far and continuously strives to surpass himself.

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