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Ah, the interview. It’s always a nerve-racking period of time where you get a chance to find out your fate with a company. You’re constantly being analyzed to see whether you’ll fit the profile they need, and it’s easy to make a few cock-ups here and there.

That’s OK – you’re allowed to make some mistakes. However, the following examples are mistakes that will undoubtedly put you in a bad position moving forward.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the job after uttering these words out of your mouth.

1. “How Much Do I Get Paid?”

Think about it. This is downright rude to ask in an interview where they haven’t even decided if they want to take you on yet. In their minds, you should be grateful that you’ve got an opportunity to put your case across for this role. If all you care about is money, then why would they think that you’re passionate about your work?

2. “Oh, My Old Boss? I Didn’t Like Him Very Much…”

Did you get fired from your old job?OK – you need to tread carefully.

This might be a time for you to browse the web at places like Job Search Bible for some hints and tips. Ultimately, it’s very easy to say the wrong thing in an interview.

But, whatever you do, don’t say that you didn’t like your boss. Don’t say they were an idiot, either! This company wants to be able to establish a good relationship with you and might think it isn’t possible after hearing this answer.

3. “Sorry I’m Late.”

Nope. You can’t do this. If you’re going to go to an interview, you cannot be late under anything but the most serious circumstances. Your timeliness must be perfect if you want any chance of walking away with a contract. It’s that simple.

4. “I Know I’m Not That Experienced, but…”

I know what you’re trying to do here. You’re trying to accentuate all your positives by using a weakness in the sentence. Unfortunately, that isn’t a good way to go about things. Employers want you to give them reasons why you’re such a good hire. If you’re putting yourself down in any way, it might just put doubt in their minds. Stick to the positives and ditch the negatives.

5. “No, I Don’t Have Any Questions.”

You know that question you get answered at the end of the interview? They’ll ask if you have any questions for them.

Always have something prepared for this moment. If you simply answer “no,” it’s going to present you in a bad light. Do you really care about this role?

Do you lack creativity and a proactive demeanour? Are you just lazy? These are the questions that might go through the employer’s mind.

6. “I Don’t Know Much About the Company.”

You must always research the company ahead of time. These days, there’s no excuse for not getting your hands on a whole host of research material via the internet. If you can’t do this, how much do you really care about getting this job?


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