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Workplace culture can contribute to the success of the organisation. Business owners who develop a culture of blame, denial, and rationalising failures could often lead to the downfall of their business almost immediately.

In fact, 65% of businesses don’t make it through their first year while another 40% don’t make it through the next three years because of having poor company culture.

The difference of these businesses to the surviving ones is that organisations that survived delivered quality products, implanted good systems, have good people and strong leadership. And most importantly, the right attitude.

Surviving business owners don’t point fingers and understand that they are responsible for their business and takes proper actions.

The “Above and Below the Line” concept is basically a line of choice. It can be seen as a line that separates the positive from the negative and success from failure.

Each person faces a decision every single day. Whether you choose to turn off the alarm or get up, to eat either cereal or toast, the decision is up to you. While the decisions in your personal life can mostly affect you, a business owner’s choices can affect not only them personally but their employees and the business itself as well.

A business owner could choose to see themselves as a “victor” or a “victim”. Those who see themselves as the latter can motivate the same behaviours in others. This means that like them, their employees would be able to take responsibility and accountability for everything that happens to them, whether it’s good or bad.

Meanwhile, the victims choose to see themselves like that, “a victim”. They shift the blame to others instead of moving forward. Thus, creating an organisation that becomes a breeding ground for drama and insecurities. This results in a decrease in productivity and increase in turnover.

An organisation that allows unhealthy workplace behaviour will create a breeding ground for drama and insecurities, which only decreases productivity demoralises and increases in turnover.

While it is preferable to have a constructive response to a challenging situation, it takes some practice to ignore the automated, defensive response.

Ultimately, the choice on whether you adopt an above or below the line behaviour in the workplace depends on you but this infographic by Sparkle Training could show you how adopting the former in your workplace can cultivate it into the place to enhance your team to reach their full behavioural potential.

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Garret Norris is the founder and CEO of Sparkle Training and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.

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