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There was a time when the idea of freelancing was considered synonymous with unemployment. That is a thing of the past now. As you can see today, the benefits associated with freelancing have increased – flexibility and monetary benefits being the key ones. One of the primary reasons for the rise in freelancing as a career is the increasing prioritization of lifestyle development over career advancement.

A research study released by the Freelancers Union and the giant freelance platform UpworkGlobally found that freelancing will the norm among the majority of US workers by 2027. The survey also found that regardless of whether the respondents take up freelancing as a part-time or side gig, an increasing number of them reported earning a living through freelancing. This shows how a growing number of people are embracing this kind of career.  

1. Writing and Editing

Content writing, without any doubt, is the biggest money machine right now. Who doesn’t need content today? As the interweb is getting larger, more is the need for content for websites. Compelling and well-written content can boost a company’s reputation and also determine whether the website gets read or not.  

Developing unique content is not a piece of cake. Not everyone can generate unique lengthy content every day. Another alternate option for wordsmiths is copywriting.  If developing unique content is not your piece of cake, then consider copywriting. Copywriting involves writing shorter copies packed with a punch like ads, social media copies and the like. Having a rudimentary knowledge about SEO will help wordsmiths a lot!

2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The knowledge of optimizing web pages to make it rank higher in search engine results is a good skill to possess. SEO professionals are in high demand today.

Do you even click on the second page of any search engine results? If you are like the majority of us, then the answer will be a Big Fat No! Thus, if a business wants their audience to consume their content, they should first ensure that the content is optimized for search.

Every business needs an increased exposure through higher listings in relevant search engine results. If you are able to give them that, this will make you an indispensable freelancer to a large number of clients.

3. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an art of combining images, texts, and other media in order to create anything from banners to other brand collaterals. This area is as much in demand as content writing, if not more. From digital marketing companies to magazines and newspaper houses, everyone needs a graphic designer who is able to design beautiful collaterals in the minimum amount of time.

Today, we are bombarded with data from every area of our life. Regardless to say, only a very few get etched in our memory. In this space, graphic designing can play an important role. It has the ability to get a company noticed and remembered.  

If a graphic designer is able to produce visually appealing and memorable design services, they can easily get freelancing work from all around the world. One of the primary skills they need is proficiency and familiarity with Adobe Illustrator.

4. Building Websites

Website building for long has been a very lucrative area for freelancers. Even though technologies like Wiz and Squarespace makes it possible for any layman to build their own websites, very few people are confident enough to do it on their own. Hence, this area is ripe for freelancers.

Before that, let’s see what skills are required for this. An individual needs to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if they want to build a website or even to remotely create anything on the internet. In this digital age, brands cannot function without a webpage. And for developing websites, individuals need to possess skills in these areas. So, if you possess these skills, the opportunities that you have access to is colossal – you would require no time in building an extensive freelance customer base. 

starting an event management business-Freelancing

5. Photography

Do you know, in Instagram professional photography accounts are the 2nd most lucrative with regard to how much brands are ready to shell out for a sponsored post. Moreover, these brands don’t necessarily pay attention to the number of followers.

When you become a freelance photographer, the events and your cover might be limited to a local area that you can physically attend. In order to make extra income, you can sell your shots as prints or on stock photography sites.

All you need is to zero in on a niche and start clicking. Knowledge of Photoshop and digital photography can help you to utilize the full potential of your camera and deliver relevant and highly professional shots.

6. Social Media & Digital Marketing

The role of social media in our lives is too big to comprehend. Companies, today are looking to benefit from this – trying to connect and reach out to existing customers and build a relationship with future clientele by using this medium. Social media management and  Digital management are the two important ways through which brands stay updated with their customer’s queries and complaints.

Did you know around 70% of customers who have a good experience with the brand on social media are likely to recommend them to their friends? This highlights the fact that having a good social presence – customer-centric is essential for any business.

Are you good at interacting and engaging people on social media? Do you think you can build and handle an organization’s online presence? If yes, there is an ocean of opportunities out there waiting for you in the niche of digital marketing


The fields discussed here are some of the popular and the most lucrative niches for you to freelance. There is still a wide range of areas that you can consider.

The important thing to remember before you set on your freelancing journey is to ensure that it is based on your passions and interest. After all, that is the main crux of freelancing- earning a living out of something that you enjoy!


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