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New years bring new beginnings, and for some it’s an opportune time to change careers. 2017 could be the best year for your career change as 92% of employers are intending to maintain their employment rates or increase them.

A study by Hired, a website that matches potential employees to their most suitable jobs, found that all industries are hiring, but that enterprise companies are increasing their interview requests by 43%, and they have increased their initial salary offers by 7%. These statistics are very encouraging for anyone in the job market.

1. Tech Jobs

The technology industry has had a 12% growth in a four year period. The data shows that this growth is set to continue. Interview requests for data scientists have risen by 33%, while requests to interview designers has risen by 25%. Software engineers have seen a 13% rise in interview requests.

This is reflected in the salaries offered as the starting salary for a data scientist has increased by 5%. Full stack developers were highly sought after in 2015 and 2016, with a 117% increase. This demand will continue for 2017.

The tech sector will also be looking for security engineers. The mid level salary for this job title is almost $130,000 per annum. IOT, or Internet of Things, architect is a relatively new job title, but it will be one of the most in demand tech jobs for 2017. It comes with a mid level salary of $144,000 per year.

2. Construction And Manual Jobs

The construction industry has seen a hike in job demand during 2016, and it will continue to grow for 2017. Construction project managers are particularly wanted but all construction and manual jobs will be highly in demand.

The demand for construction laborers has grown by 9.4%, and the average salary has increased to just over $38,000 per year. Machine operators are another manual job that will see more demand over the coming year. By the end of 2016, there was 7.6% growth, and salaries increased to an average of just over $38,500.

The demand for warehouse operatives grew by 7.2%, and these jobs will continue to grow over 2017. The average salary for a warehouse operative is over $43,600.

3. Creative Jobs

Jobs in the creative industry are set to increase dramatically in 2017. While other industries are growing faster, there is an increase in the job market within the creative industry.

Graphic design is a highly growing field and there has been a strong salary increase. The creative industry is hiring more technical writers, and salaries for this range between $57,000 to $87,000 per year.

4. Digital Marketing

Careers in the digital marketing industry are expected to increase, both in terms of the number of available jobs, and the starting salary. Experts believe that this may be one area of the job market where there will be more demand for talented marketers.

Chief Marketing Officers can expect a salary somewhere between $160,000 and $255,000, and there has already been an increase of 4.3%. There has been a 4.5% increase in demand for digital strategists, and the starting salary has raised to between $96,000 to $140,000. SEO analysts have been increasingly more in demand, with at starting yearly salary of around $79,000.

5. Engineering Jobs

The number of jobs in the engineering industry declined over the last number of years, but a dramatic spike is expected for this year. In particular, validation engineers will see an 8% increase in available jobs, and a mid level salary is over $99,000. Robotics engineering and automation engineering jobs have increased by 21%.

The salary for a mid level robotics engineer is just over $105,000 per annum. Embedded engineers will be very sought after in 2017. There are expected to be 15% more available jobs, and with a mid level salary of around $120,000.

6. Finance Jobs

The finance employment market has remained quite consistent for the last number of years, but this next year will see a rise in job demand. Vice presidents of finance and controllers are going to be on of the hot jobs, according to a report by Ranstad.

Other hot jobs in this industry include accountants, who can expect a mid level salary of over $66,000 per annum, analysts, with a salary of over $87,000, and managers, with a mid level annual salary of $114,000.

7. Human Resources

Human resource jobs are becoming more available for 2017. Human resource managers  can expect a salary at the mid level of $109,000 per year. Recruitment specialist jobs have seen a 10% rise, and a mid level salary is around $68,000. Comp and benefits managers have also experienced growth, and can now expect a salary of $118,000.

The reports from Hired, Randstad, and The Balance are based on the trends that have been seen during 2016 and the very start of 2017. The sectors mentioned above are expected to continue to see improvements in their job markets over the next year, and potentially into the coming years.

This is promising for those already in these sectors, and for those who want to change job, and move their career tracks into these industries.

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Kevin K. Johnson is a search engine marketing talent recruiter for A Plus Digital. He lives with his partner and their two dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys being outside and is an avid skier, runner, and cycling enthusiast.

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