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A construction project manager is the pilot of the crew that forms a construction project team. There are a lot of tasks that fill the platter of a construction manager, right from contacting clients to recruiting the workforce for the projects. They are responsible for supervising construction projects ranging from residential buildings to bridges or commercial and industrial setups to roads.

Whether it is completing the project within the defined budget or in the given time, it is the prime responsibility of a project manager to see if everything goes as per the plan.

Well, the responsibilities of a construction manager doesn’t end here. Below is a list of the duties and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled by a construction project manager:

1. Planning

Apart from planning work for themselves, construction project managers have to prepare a detailed layout of the tasks that have to be performed by the construction team.

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They also have to plan;

  • Budget Estimations
  • Resources allocation
  • Time Estimation
  • Assigning tasks to individuals in the project
  • Reviewing the tasks assigned
  • Developing a schedule to reflect the milestones achieved during the construction lifecycle
  • Supervising the whole project
  • Updating the clients regarding the progress of the project

There are a lot of savvy tools available in the market to guide and help the project managers perform their tasks in a better way.

2. Hire Resources

Be it hiring the labors or getting the right company to get the raw materials, a construction manager is the boss of the construction site. Getting the right resources and materials is a tricky task as there are always the chances of people leaving the project or the materials not being up to the mark.

The manager also has to supervise the whole site and communicate well with all the people involved in the project to ensure smooth project operations. In case of any misbehaviors by the concerned people working, it is the job of the project manager to fire such people who might affect the progress of the project negatively.

3. Prepare Construction Contracts

A contract is one of the most crucial elements of any type of work. The parties involved in the construction project are all bound by a contract and a project manager must keep a tab on this. All the clauses must be crystal clear to the owners and builders and each individual involved and it is the job of the project manager to make them aware of the contract and see if it is followed by one and all.

A construction manager must draft concise contracts for;

  • The workforce involved
  • Architects
  • Construction material suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Third-parties involved

The construction management software available in the market enables the project managers to draft clear contracts and deliver the same to the parties involved and take a timely follow-up for the same.

4. Risk Management

Any construction project comes with its own set of risks. There are always the chances of the laborers leaving the project midway or disputes among the laborers or lack of building material on the desired time and so on. It becomes difficult for a project manager to identify the risk and take action in case of a critical project involving a huge workforce.

A good construction management software comes at rescue here. With various tools available in such software, a project manager can easily identify the risks involved and can take various actions to mitigate these without hampering the progress of the project. The manager can inform the clients about the risks and together they can take necessary actions for risk management.

5. Keeping the Clients Informed

A construction manager is a sole authority on a construction site. It is one of the tasks of the project manager to keep the bosses informed. Whether there are any discrepancies in the project or a dearth of resources or if the time for project completion is going to be extended, the clients must be well informed.

Stay Informed

Various construction management software available in the market allows the project managers to generate reports on the project progress and deliver these reports to the clients to gauge the progress of the project. This way, the communication becomes transparent and everything is available in the reports at just a click as the manager doesn’t have to go around looking for the missing pieces.

6. On-time and In-budget Deliverables

A good manager is the one who keeps the word promised. Here we are talking about the budget and time allotted for the project. The construction manager must see if the work of the project is going as per the estimations provided at the beginning of the project.

There is software that helps the managers in fulfilling the deadlines for individual modules and keep a check on the budget used for each of these modules. The manager can input the values in the software and this in turn provides an accurate estimation for calculations of project requirements.

These values can be updated as the project proceeds and can be scaled as and when needed. In case of any changes in the cost or time, the manager will be notified and this also helps in managing the risk associated with deliverables.

Wrapping up

A construction project manager is the heart of any project. Empowering the manager, in turn, leads to a strong project team. This task can’t be done alone and the right kind of tools can work magic for the projects in place.

With lots of software in the market for aiding the managers to perform their tasks easily and quickly, getting one for your construction project depends on its type and requirements. With the right kind of construction management software in use, you can power up your project as it helps ease the tasks of managers to manifold.

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