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If you are a full-fledged writer, you must be aware of the concept of a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is hired to write on literary or journalistic topics, while someone else gets the credit or ownership of the content they produce. Many writers feel apprehensive about taking these kinds of projects, as they won’t showcase their capabilities to the world, hence, no fame and riches.

However, for others, such as introverts, the prospect of someone else taking the credit while they stay in the shadow and get paid is acceptable. You don’t necessarily have to be an introvert to go for ghostwriting.

Here are the pros and cons that writers can examine and decide for themselves if they want to turn into a ghostwriter or not.

Why Ghostwriting Can Be Considered?

1. Most Authors Aren’t Able to Make a Fortune

In reality, traditional authors whose work primarily consists of publications are never able to sell over 3000 books. Selling a work or book with your name is highly unlikely you’ll be able to generate a considerable response from the audience, eventually no lucrative returns in hand.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or you aren’t a great writer, after all, how many writers are out there releasing “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” and exploding the internet with its self-help approach and writing style? Quite a few!

On the other hand, ghostwriting gives you the chance to acquire your fair share of riches without much hustle and limelight.

2. You Can Do Both

If you feel that your core income and loyalty remains with your regular writing work, even then you can ghostwrite for other people as a secondary career. Many writers can reach a 6-figure income per year all from ghostwriting.

Further, being a ghostwriter doesn’t contain you from featuring yourself as a professional writer and enjoying the limelight like others in the business. At the same time, through ghostwriting the writer is also honing his/her skills up front.

3. A Normal Experience Will Do Just Fine

If you have sufficient skills in writing, listening, project management and understand the essentials of the publishing business, then making an excellent earning through ghostwriting isn’t a big deal. Besides selling yourself to guest bloggers and freelancers, you can also get hired by a professional content development agency at a considerable package for your ghostwriting services.

The best part is, you don’t require a special diploma or an honorary degree program to get pursued and make a good living.

4. Earn Money Without Compromising Your Dreams

Turning the definition to a practical perspective, you are a ghostwriter if you love making money and also want to help others succeed in promoting their business, brand, and overall prominence. As stated above, introverts are the majority of profiles in the ghostwriting field as they want to stay away from the spotlight.

Once you earn money after submitting the work to a blogger, business, etc., you can resume your writing work. The money you’ll make from ghostwriting can go towards more prominent, notable publications for your sole work only.

5. No Limitations on Remote Working

Easily, one of the most significant benefits of being a ghostwriter is the liberty to work and deliver from, literally, anywhere across the globe. If you have a checklist you wish you complete this year without letting off your writing passion, then ghostwriting is the right choice for you.

Just a laptop and a good internet connection are enough to complete your job and earn money at the spot. There are not many jobs in the world that allow you to make money while sightseeing in exotic places and spending time with family and friends.

What Are the Limitations of Being a Ghostwriter?

1. You Won’t Acquire the Credit

The easiest disadvantage, ghostwriting doesn’t allow the writer to claim the submission. In short, it is both a blessing and a curse. Research and writing quality content for someone else without featuring your name as the author can be painful and somewhat subdued.

But you must know that you aren’t alone in this ordeal. Almost all the major industries worldwide, employ ghostwriters for their online presence (besides writing, there are even ghost designers).

Even agencies and companies like NASA, Apple, etc. Hire ghostwriters to write generalized and technical content for them without taking the credit. On the bright side, who cares about credit when you are getting some hefty checks at the end of each deliverable?

2. It’s Not Always Interesting

At times the writing is not exciting, especially when are technical topics involved. Such projects are more common than generalized issues due to the reason that not everyone on board has enough time and skill to write technical, sophisticated content.

Hence, ghostwriters are hired to create boring, yet meaningful content without the company is worried about employee demotivation, late submissions, and other mishaps associated with the content marketing and publishing business.

Fortunately, you get to tune your skills through more and more technical projects.

3. Spotting Clients Can Be Challenging

As we know staying anonymous is the basic requirement of a ghostwriter. It is equally hard to get testimonials. This is mainly because people hesitate to admit they’re a ghostwriter due to obvious reasons and client’s requirements, company’s policies, etc.

However, there are some cases where someone will grant you credit and a testimonial. Hence, it is better to ask for a credit with a discount or a testimonial every time you work for someone.

4. The Deadlines Are Strict

The writer needs to accept the fact that being a ghostwriter means no compromise on the submission date and time regardless of the reason. This keeps the writer glued to his desktop without much alterations in his schedule.

However, through strict deadlines, you benefit by refining your time management skills and work ethic and deliver work on time with no delays. This also helps the writers to acquire more clients quickly, build their credibility, and improve the efficiency of their work too.

Stressed at Work-Ghostwriting Side Hustle

5. You Will Report to a Boss 

You are under the instructions and requirements of a client or company that has hired you to ghostwrite content for them. This allows the clients to expect certain things to be done in certain ways, even if you have an otherwise approach.

Not, quite often, but there are some instances in which the correspondence with the client becomes quite overwhelming for the ghostwriters due to regular changes in content, specific formatting considerations, input from selected sources, and related stuff.


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