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Upon hearing the term ‘team building’, most people think about fun activities like paintball or going out to a company-sponsored dinner, all expenses paid, during which employees get a chance to socialize more outside work as well.

While these are beneficial for multiple reasons, meaningful team building relies on much more than that.

Working with a young and dedicated group of people is immensely rewarding both creatively and financially, but it can also become tricky to manage. Thus, you need to know how to bond with your team and promote a healthy mentality in the office.

To do this, the most important thing to remember is that you’re collaborating with individuals, not robots.

How to Promote the Mentality

Your team building endeavours should represent more than a formal checklist of things you feel obligated to do.

It’s no secret that managers are the heart and soul of any good team, which is why you need to be ready to undertake the responsibility of ensuring that every one of your employees feels like they are part of the conversation.

Amazing success stories like that of Ruth Tal’s vegetarian restaurant empire Fresh all have one thing in common: a team of young, determined and like-minded individuals working together towards achieving the same goal. Here are four tips on how to make comparable levels of success in your business.

Know Yourself and Your Team?

According to Forbes Magazine, being fully aware of your leadership style is just as important as getting adequately acquainted with the rest of your team.

The two go hand in hand because only by possessing in-depth knowledge of the social dynamic within your company are you able to determine whether or not your techniques will be useful or not.

Thus, the effort needs to be a collaborative one on your part as well, not just theirs. Furthermore, by involving your team in your process, you will most certainly get bonus points like a boss. There is nothing employees appreciate more than a superior who cares about their opinion.

And that’s not all. Knowing what buttons you need to push to activate the hidden talents of every separate person under your supervision is a skill that only the best leaders have. And how can you acquire it?

By getting to know them, of course. There is no better way, so don’t be shy to mingle with your staff.

Be Clear About Demands

As you may very well be aware of by now, it is your responsibility to define roles among your staff and delegate responsibilities in such a way that everyone is achieving their full potential.

The ability to do this goes hand in hand with the skills mentioned in the previous section. Simply put, by knowing your employees, you are also aware of their capabilities.

And through this, you will be able to stipulate clear demands that everyone should meet, as well as more specialized individual ones. The vital aspect of this is to make sure that these tasks are interconnected so that an integral team philosophy is maintained throughout.

It’s an important duty, but someone must do it, and that someone is you.

Give Constructive Feedback

Effective communication is an integral part of building a functional team, which is why you need to promote this idea daily. And there’s nothing more important in this department than constructive feedback; ask your company’s HR manager.

This type of response builds self-confidence and promotes efficient error resolution.

It shouldn’t come from you only. The input of your workers is equally important when it comes to your management techniques, as well as how their other colleagues interact with them.

To encourage such actions, you will need to keep an open mind and reassure them that it’s perfectly fine to do the same.

Nurturing an atmosphere of security and proving that you value the opinions of those who work for you is the key towards a beneficial company culture.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of improvement that is born from such a primary method. Not only will your employees collaborate better among themselves, but they will also respect your authority more in the long run.

Celebrate Success

Last, but certainly not least, you need to remember that people respond well to positive reinforcement.  This is why your team will become even more motivated to deliver higher quality results if you acknowledge and celebrate their victories, no matter how small.

The proper reward for someone’s success sometimes relies on merely admitting its value.

Nevertheless, be conscientious not to exaggerate with this and praise people for irrelevant things.

It’s understandable that you want to be a ‘cool boss,’ but don’t fall into the trap of congratulating people for just showing up and doing their job as usual. When you aim for excellence, it’s essential to enforce it every step of the way.

To better differentiate between praiseworthy achievements and doing the bare minimum, set milestones for the team. What would impress you? What would benefit the company’s development?

Establish these things and allow the team to surprise you as well.

Final Thoughts

When your professional goal is to promote a team-building mentality, you will need to admit the importance of this responsibility.

By being aware of your skills and knowing your team you can delegate tasks more effectively. Equally important, it assures proper feedback. This type of team building leads to efficient organization, which is indispensable to a firm.

Finally, don’t forget to praise success and accomplishments, especially considering how these benefit you and your company as well.

Ignore mediocrity and focus on greatness to achieve the best results, and always remember to stay involved. Your employees will admire you for it, and this will reflect in their performance.

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