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Leading businesses in every sector know that their employees are at the heart of their success, and they also know that teams that have a great spirit and togetherness are those which produce the best performances.

That’s why smart companies recognize the importance of team-building exercises and excursions, and they are at their best when they are also fun and enjoyable for everyone taking part.

These 5 interesting team-building excursions for London businesses can bring significant benefits to you and your staff.

1. Exploring the Great City

When you think of a team-building exercise do you think of outdoor activities such as abseiling or canoeing?

Such activities can alienate team members who may lack the physical prowess of their teammates, so a fun activity such as a London treasure hunt can be a smarter choice if you want to bring all members of staff together.

Treasure hunts have moved on from the days of cryptic clues on scraps of paper; they’re now technology-based and use GPS tracking, but they still score highly in fun.

A treasure hunt will allow your staff to see some of the great sights of London that might pass them by, and it also encourages teamwork and mental flexibility.

2. Building a Brand and Building Skills

Branding should be at the center of any business, and it’s important that staff in all roles understand the importance of branding and how they can make a contribution to it.

Some team building events in London are based upon the participants creating a product and then building a brand around it.

It’s great fun that will be familiar to viewers of the hit television show The Apprentice, and it encourages your staff to explore and enhance their marketing and communication skills.

3. Getting a Taste for Success

Relaxing with a nice glass of wine is one of the great joys in life, particularly after a hard day of work, which is one reason that wine tasting events are one of the most popular team building excursions.

The aim of the day isn’t simply to taste great wine, although that’s certainly on the menu, it’s about getting everyone present to participate, and teaching them that everyone’s opinion is important and deserves to be heard.

If you have staff members who don’t drink, then a chocolate tasting experience can be a perfect alternative.

4. Testing the Little Grey Cells

Do you wish that your staff had greater interaction with colleagues from different departments, or with those who have different levels of responsibility?

It’s easy for cliques to form in the workplace, but you can help this out by holding a team-building quiz. It’s important that quiz teams should include people who wouldn’t normally work together, and that questions cover a wide range of subjects and are suitable for all levels of quizzing ability.

Participating in a professionally organized quiz can ensure that these points are addressed, and it will create an environment that’s both competitive and fun.

5. Make Some Noise and Let off Steam

There always comes a time when you just want to scream and let off steam. Creating loud noise can be a perfect frustration release, allowing us to move on and overcome obstacles that have been in our way, which is why a drumming workshop can be an ideal team-building excursion in London.

With professional guidance, even complete novices can quickly learn to master the drums, and at the same time, they’re also learning to keep in time with their colleagues.

Drum-playing is also surprisingly therapeutic and provides a workout for those who are used to sitting behind a desk throughout the day.

London has some of the best team building excursions available in the world, and with so much choice available, there is an excursion or event to suit everyone and to suit all budgets.

From treasure hunts, drum workshops and wine tasting to ice carving or singing competitions, they can all provide great fun for your employees while bringing benefits for your business.

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