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With high demand and even higher targets, it can be easy to forget the importance of maintaining a happy workforce – here we look at five brilliant team building activities.

A happy team is a productive team where the staff is more likely to stay long-term. Workers enjoy coming to work, thrive in the company of their colleagues, and morale is at an all-time high, and meeting deadlines is just another task as opposed to a weight-of-the-world-pressure.

When the machine, though, needs a little TLC and morale is running low, team-building exercises are a great way to break down any boundaries between colleagues and help form productive relationships.

1. Quiz

An office quiz is a simple and inexpensive means of getting the team together and putting work to one side. A quiz doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the workplace it might do some good to get out of the office over lunch or organize an evening event.

Just the same as any classic pub quiz, divide your team into teams, and select one person to be quiz master. Decide on how many questions and categories – for an added laugh, include a category on each other or the management.

2. Family Fun Days

A corporate team event that includes the family can be an effective means of getting to know your colleagues, rather than the person you see in-office hours. A company BBQ or day out is a great excuse to get everyone together outside of working time and socialize with each other and all of their families.

Inviting the family along can also make it easier for those with children to attend as they won’t have to make arrangements for a babysitter or other forms of childcare. Parents of young children can often feel excluded from team outings outside of work hours for this reason.

3. Problem Solving

A team-building activity should be planned with an end goal in mind. New members will not have the same chemistry as those who have been working alongside each other for years, and a great way to break the ice is to put colleagues in a situation where they must work cohesively.

Problem-solving activities, such as locked rooms or puzzles, identify what each member of a team can offer, highlighting everyone’s strengths. All good teams must understand where each individual’s strengths lie, as well as any areas where people may not be as strong.

As well as forming a better understanding of each individual, problem-solving activities reinforce the fact that a team is always greater than the sum of its parts.

4. Soap Box Derby

There are few better ideas than a soapbox derby for corporate entertainment and an active day out of the office. Divide everyone into teams with the task to build their karts and win the race at the end of the day.

Not only will this highlight those with a more competitive nature, but it will encourage colleagues who may not usually work directly with one another to come out of their comfort zones and form productive relationships.

Hand out a trophy at the end of the day to the winning team and, as long as everyone enjoyed themselves, make it an annual event where the winners can defend their prize!

Team Building Activity

5. Guess Who

Guess who is a simple game that can be played by anyone, even teams that work remotely can take part. Ask everyone to take pictures of various household items, rooms (or home offices in the case of remote teams) or pets, etc… and ask everyone to guess who the pictures belong to.

As well as good fun among colleagues, this also provides an opportunity for less vocal members of the team to share their interests and what makes them tick.

These are just some ideas that you can incorporate to improve your team building activities or further solidify the feel-good factor among your colleagues. We all work better when we are comfortable in our surroundings, and forming strong relationships that can progress outside of the office is to the benefit of the business as a whole.

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