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Whether it’s a promotion, a transfer to a better branch, or simply an increase in your hourly wage, everybody reaches a point in their career at which they want more from their work. Perhaps you feel undervalued for what you’re doing, or perhaps you’ve simply become bored of the same old routine and you want new challenges.

However you want to progress within your career or specific company, there are steps you can take to do so. Follow this guide, and don’t fear to take your career to the next tier.

1. Don’t Stop Studying

You never know everything, so there’s no reason to stop learning. The more you study, the greater your skill set becomes. It’s as simple as that. Of course, you don’t just need to increase the number of qualifications under your belt if you’re looking for a new job at a new company; it can also be beneficial to show your employer that you’re ready to move up to the next level within the business.

Progressing to the next level might mean a promotion, or it might mean an increase in salary. Whatever the case, if you take the time to study online you could be surprised by not only the substantial nature of degrees available on the internet in the modern age but also by the amount you actually learn. Work hard, and it’ll pay off. This could really help you climb the rungs of the career ladder within your industry of interest.

2. Remember Good Safety Practices

The best way to make an impression in the workplace is to show that you’re focused on health and safety in the office or working area. You won’t only be looking after yourself and co-workers by avoiding dangerous situations, but you’ll be showing your employer that you’re focused, smart, and meticulous with everything you do. These are all extra points under the belt for you.

Safety practices are perhaps most important in labor-oriented work, and it’ll certainly make an impression on your boss. You might want to use this list to find the right construction boots for you, as the gear you wear is crucial to your safety on a building site. Your feet and head both need to be protected from heavy objects, so you might also want to look into getting a sturdy hard hat and perhaps even reflective clothing for night-based work.

Of course, even in an indoor workplace, clothing is important for health and safety; different temperatures require different attire to keep your body level and focused. Showing that you take care of yourself and your work will show your employer that you mean business.

3. Contribute to Prove Your Worth

If you want to progress on up through your career then you need to prove to your employer that you’re worth it. You need to contribute to the problem-solving process within your business and make some moves towards answering some of the big questions facing your company at present.

If you can make some solid suggestions which are turned into a reality then you’ll definitely make a mark on your employer and enter their field of vision. It’s the first step towards moving up to a higher position of decision-making and authority.

4. Talk to Your Boss

The one idea every few ever consider is simply talking to their employer about wanting to progress their career onwards within the company. Your boss may feel intimidating, and you may feel out of line for asking, but they will respect your courage and determination to step on up to work harder within the business.

If you want promotion then your boss knows that you want to stick around at the company for a while.

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