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The Monthly Roundup series was not published for the past few months, as I was busy getting the Podcast up and running. So I decided to do a Summer Roundup instead (for the months of June, July, August).

Summer is a busy time for most people. Everyone is usually away travelling or involved in some fun activities, so you might not have had time to review your favorite productivity posts.

Let me make it easier for you.

Here are the Top 5 of the most liked, shared, and commented posts on Productivity, for the Summer months of 2016.

1. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule

This article published by Empact on Inc.com has garnered more than 161000 Shares across social media.

What gives the most successful people an edge over others? It is the 5-hour rule. They spend at least 5 hours per week (minimum) reading, reflecting, journalism or experimenting. The author of this post provides multiple examples of successful individuals from all walks of life (From Ben Franklin to Elon Musk). Here’s the bottom line, invest a minimum of 5 hours a week learning & improving yourself, and you are bound to have an advantage over others. Definitely read the article for the proof.

2. Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

This article published by Shawn Achor & Michelle Gielan in Harvard Business Review has garnered more than 93000 Shares across social media.

The authors of this article provide us with an unconventional idea about resilience i.e. it can be improved not by consistently chipping away at a task, but by taking regular breaks. We are always in a race against time for getting more and more things done. Backed by research & scientific data, the authors provide strong cases for proper rest and recuperation – and how it might improve our productivity.

3. Neuroscientists Say Multitasking Literally Drains the Energy Reserves of Your Brain

This article published by Olivia Goldhill on Quartz.com has garnered more than 83000 Shares across social media.

Ever felt stressed out or even exhausted after a day of work? It’s probably you are multi-tasking. The author gives some research-based data on how multitasking does more harm than good. For instance, that 2 minute Facebook Status update might be potentially robbing you off 23 minutes of productive time (that’s who long it takes to switch back to your work after a moment of distraction).

4. Do You Listen to Music While Working? Here’s What It Does to Your Brain (And It’s Pretty Awesome)

This article published by Tom Popomaronis on Inc.com has garnered more than 63000 Shares across social media.

If you are like me, you might listen to music while working. I always listen to music while I am writing. We also listen to music when doing our chores. The author of this article breaks down different scenarios and tells us whether music enhances or decreases the effectiveness of our work. Very interesting information and it definitely makes sense based on the examples and research that is provided.

5. Why Being Bilingual Works Wonders for Your Brain

This article published by Gaia Vince in The Guardian garnered more than 58000 Shares across social media.

Did you know that about 60% of the world’s population are multi-lingual, i.e. they speak more than one language? You, perhaps already know the social benefits of learning another language. However, this article (backed by data and experiment) proves that it also helps by improving your performance in doing normal tasks. Simply, put your brain enables you to perform tasks faster if you are bilingual. Another benefit is the delay in the onset of dementia. So, now you have more reasons to learn additional languages.

Hope you enjoyed the productivity list. What was your favourite and why?


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