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Telephone interviews are very common these days. Whether be it in the small industries, to the big hounds of the World, everywhere interviews are going on through the phone. Sounds confusing but it is true.

Now several interviews are going through voice calls, telephone, etc. Telephone interviews are both advantageous to the interviewer and the job seekers. It decreases time costs, transport complications, increases responsiveness and coziness between both the parties.

Along with phone interviews you don’t have to dress up and shuttle towards the interviewing area. And more, you don’t get the same level regarding your anxieties as whenever you have to face the interview individually face to face.

Misconceptions are fairly common with phone interviews nowadays. Phone interviews could also prove difficult for those who are within noisy locations or possess a bad telephone signal as well as a bad wedding reception. Truly, telephone call interviews are just like a two-sided dagger showing both advantages and drawbacks.

So, all you’ll require is the perfect presence of mind as well as self-confidence in your expression. Here are some phone interview tips to follow, for a sure success.

1. Focus on Your Expressions

Always sound positive, express yourself openly, and act professionally while you speak. Without the perfect body gesture and posture, professional outfit, and your physical behavior, the evaluator has your speech only, to judge you. So talk in sense and be calm

2. Arrange All the Necessary Documents Ahead

You must have your resume/CV, cover letters if any, names of your references, experience letters, and other professional certificates.

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3.  Prepare for the Tricky Interview Questions Before Attending the Call

Recognize what sort of questions you may be questioned in these formats of the interview before any interview. Always remember, this is very different from a face-to-face interview.

So the interviewer will judge you by every sense of professionalism. However, the questions are expected to be more common ones.

They probably look at your CV while speaking to you and they verify the information provided in your CV. They may ask questions like, “How about telling a positive experience in your past Organization”.

4. Be in a Formal and Friendly Tone.

Avoid using irony or making witticisms in your mannerisms and facial expressions, which has to be more formal in manner. They will not able to see you, so, what might look funny to you, may not go the right way as you would have expected. The reason is you are also not able to see the person on the other side of the call.

Phone Etiquettes – A Significant Point to Remember

However, other than these above-mentioned points, one of the key criteria for completing a successful telephone interview depends on the etiquette followed during the process.

You must realize that whatever that you do or talk, will be analyzed by the interviewing person on the other side of the call. Make certain not to chew gum or eat any other food during the interview.

Here are some of the etiquettes discussed below as phone interview tips to follow:

  • Arrange a quiet area in your home to appear in the phone interview. You should not interrupt the interview due to some distractions at your place.
  • If you own a pet at home, it’s not a problem. But please make certain that while the phone interview will be going on, they are doing some outdoor activities or at best someplace where no distraction can take place.
  • In a phone interview, it will be a good impression, if you can avoid your cell phones. Frequent interruptions in a phone interview, will pose a negative impression. And then the interviewer starts losing attention to you. In cellular phones, many network interruptions take place, which might disturb the person or you, both during an interview. Try to opt for a landline as a substitute. Having a landline connection gives an extra advantage to you as the chances of network failures are very less in Landlines.
  • It will be an excellent choice to practice some common interview questions asked. Try to be prepared in advance. But there might be nothing worse if you sound reciting the answers without any intensity. Try to be brief but more to the point. The interviewer should not think of you as a faker.
  • Always have a notepad, multiple pens, and other requirements ready while appearing in the interview. This is a good practice as you don’t have to mess-up during the interview process.
  • Try to keep your Resume in a clear format while the interview is going on. List your strengths, your key skills, experiences, etc. as though these aspects the interviewer will get to know the technical capability as well as yourself. Thus, you don’t have to contemplate on how to back your answer during the interview process.
  • Try to keep your personal belongings like tablets, other unnecessary things that can distract the interview process. If you have a cell phone, it is not a crime. But make sure that it doesn’t affect your interview. Better keep it in silent mode or switch it off.
  • Be sure that your voice sounds very passionate and jolly during the interview. No one in this industry likes to hear a lame or unresponsive tone. Try to smile and make the situation friendly. Though the evaluators not able to see you, but your smile along with a cheerful mood will drive your personality to the top.
  • Listen wisely and do not disturb the interviewer, when he will be speaking of something related to your or company’s concerns. You have to give him the supreme respect and good listening skills are required to make it happen. Let the interviewer complete his/her sayings, note the information provided, and then rise with your valid points.

Telephone interviews are a worthy way, most of the companies have adopted for recruiting both fresh and experienced employees. Don’t be afraid of this.

What mostly needed is to take the call as a test and answering the questions confidently. Follow these above phone interview tips to crack any interview, any interviewer also.


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