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Did you know that the human brain finds it difficult to comprehend any new information after studying for 90 minutes?

That is why the best way to work smarter, rather than harder is to always study for half an hour and then take a very short break of five minutes. This break (while very short) allows our brains to refresh and begin to process new information again more effectively.

Repeating this method on a regular basis will lead to higher levels of productivity allowing you to study much more effectively.

Taking a short nap of 20 minutes can also help recharge the brain where necessary along with ensuring to consistently get enough sleep and taking care to eat nutritious foods that will ‘feed your brain’.

One of the major downfalls when it comes to developing your study skill-set is to be tempted to pull ‘all-nighter’. These never end well and while three in five college students are reported to have done this at some stage, the method is ultimately linked to lower exam results.

For an illustrated look at what it takes to work smarter and maximize your study time, see the below infographic created by Study Medicine Europe.

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Aris Grigoriou is the Student Recruitment Manager at Study Medicine Europe, a leading company in the area of medical student recruitment which secures placement for prospective students from all over the world into the most reputed and affordable medical universities in Europe. He regularly creates content such as infographics and blog posts around educational topics.

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