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Nearly everyone has faced the challenge of job hunting, especially those who lack in experience when first starting out. There are many reasons why someone has trouble finding a job, and it may seem hopeless and impossible at times.

Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help people find jobs, learn skills, and get experience. Some of these you may have heard of, but others could be entirely new.

The most important thing to remember while looking for a job is that you are important, and the right employer will see that.

1. Become an Apprentice

It may not pay well, or at all, in the beginning. Businesses and professionals that take on apprentices, such as tattoo artists, usually require you to work without pay at first. This may seem like a downside, but you’ll be getting the best education you can by doing this.

Learning as you go will help you grow faster in the area you’re apprenticing in and will give you experience before you even begin. Most successful individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, started off as apprentices before they struck out on their own.

2. Freelancing

Working from home has been getting more and more popular. Designers, programmers, writers, and language specialists are opting out of cubicle jobs for the comfort of their own couch.

There are so many websites online now, such as upwork.com, that creates a platform for freelancers to show off their talents and get hired right from between the walls of their own home. If you have a skill that be can communicate through a computer, try looking for freelance work online!

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3. Take a course

Many communities offer courses and classes to the locals. If nothing appeals to you that is being offered, try online. While most courses will cost a little bit of money, you can find some free websites that help you develop skills and learn more about business. Hop on over to coursera.org and see what all is available to you!

4. Reach out and Network

It can be embarrassing to admit defeat, but reaching out to friends and family may be the best way to find a great job. They may be able to help you by introducing you to people, letting you know about job openings, or hiring you for their own businesses. If anything, you’ll probably get some great support, too.

5. Recruitment agencies

For some reason, these seem to have a bit of a bad rep, but they’re actually incredibly helpful. Always find an employment agency with a strong track record. And they are located in every city. For instance, if you are located in Hawaii, USA – then Aloha International Employment a good example. They have screening tests to assess your skills so you can be placed in a great work environment that fits you.

Many businesses rely on recruiting agencies to help them find their staff, so you’ll find employers you’d have never gotten connected with otherwise.

6. Volunteer

Getting involved in your community by giving back is a great way to give you more things to add to a resume, make connections by meeting people, and establish a good character and presence in your area.

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