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If you are wanting to grab the attention of employers there are 8 strategies you can use to update your resume.

Your resume is one in thousands eagerly awaiting the employer’s eye. Think of it as a fish hook, lying in wait for the big catch. But how do you get the employer to notice your resume and for the right reasons?

While neon paper and poor spelling are sure to grab their attention it’s not the attention you want. Wow, your potential employer for the right reasons. Show them that you are the perfect fit for them. ​

The following strategies will help you stand out for all the right reasons.

1. Stand Out in the Inbox

Most jobs have the option of uploading your resume online or sending it by email. Instead of attaching a “Resume.doc,” like every other candidate has, give your resume a name. Try Your Name, Branding Statement.doc.

​An example of a non-profit management position would be “Erica Turner, 20 plus years mentoring volunteers and staff.doc” Or perhaps you are seeking a position in customer service, “Joe Smith, wowing customers and saving accounts.doc.”

Give your potential employer an idea of who you are and stand out from the thousands of other attachments.

2. Keywords Will Get You Noticed

Before you begin writing your resume, get to know the job description.

​ What keywords stand out? Chances are high those are the same keywords they are scanning for in potential employee resumes.

With the pile of resumes on their desk, an employer is going to find a way to eliminate the masses quickly. HR and/or electronic scanners are used to pick out pre-defined words and phrases. The best way to make sure you are not eliminated during this process is to have your resume full of the phrases listed in the job posting.

​Become familiar with the company’s website, the industry lingo, and put the thesaurus down. Do not force the keywords but use them naturally in describing your skills and experience.

​For a more in-depth look into figuring out what keywords to use proper keywords to enhance your resume’s effectiveness.

3. Begin With a Professional Summary Illustrating Your Career Focus

Begin your resume by highlighting why you are the perfect fit for the job. Start by doing a little research and finding out your employer’s needs. Based on what you’ve discovered what are your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. This is a wonderful place to throw in a few relevant keywords.

​Be sure to sell them on you. This is where you show your future employer the benefit they will receive from hiring you. What value will you add to the company?

4. Grab Attention Fast by Leading With Your Best

Best Productivity Hacks

Managers and hiring agents want to know who you are and how you are better than every other prospective in front of them. Don’t wait until the second page to show them. Lead with the main benefits of hiring you. What is it that you have accomplished that makes you worth taking a chance on?

If your education is top-notch, lead with that. If you lack in the education department but have a great deal of experience, lead with that. 

Design the layout of your resume to showcase your best features first. There are several different types of resume formats that you can choose from.

5. Highlight Accomplishments

One way to grab attention fast is by highlighting accomplishments in a bulleted format at the top of your resume. Have you recently won an award? Put it at the top of your resume. Have you recently met and/or exceeded a sales goal?

​Lead with hands-on success. Have you been working on a certification or continued education that enhances your qualifications for this job? Highlight your accomplishments at the top of your resume.

Lead with your best and catch the attention of the employer so that they will continue to read.

6. Customize Your Resume for Each Job

You don’t want to receive a form rejection and your employer doesn’t want to have to sift through another boring non-relevant resume.

​Don’t make the hiring managers do the work, do it for them. By customizing your resume, you are better able to include keywords, stand out as the right fit for the culture of the company, and give the appearance that this is the only job you are after.

​Everyone wants to be the first pick, including the employer.

7. Include a Slogan and Mission Statement in Your Cover Letter

Don’t forget the cover letter. This is your chance to showcase personality, writing skills, competence, and fill in any gaps in your resume. By including a slogan and mission statement you are letting the employer know that you are confident and clear in your career path.

​You know where you are headed and that you want to be at their company. If you’re unsure of how to write a mission statement, read The Career Mission Statement for a clear how to.

8. Edit

Edit, edit, edit! Misspellings and grammatical mistakes are glaring red flags that you are not who the company is looking for. They send the message that you are not detail-oriented or careful with your work. A well-crafted error-free resume sends the message that you are, at the very least, interested enough in the job to be polished and professional.

​Consider using a resume writing service. The best resume services will make sure you have a perfectly polished, attention-grabbing, keyword full resume. The custom builds your resume for your job goals.

Now You Know

With these 8 strategies, you are sure to catch the attention of your next employer!

It’s time to start researching your next dream job. The first step is learning who they are looking for and knowing if you are the right fit.

​With the right keywords, highlighting your accomplishments, customizing your resume to the job, clearly stating who you are and what you value, leading with your best, and careful edits the interviews are just around the corner.

​A carefully constructed resume will get results. Show your future employer that you are the one they are looking for.

Remember you are marketing yourself. Lead with your best and you will catch that job in no time.

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Stephanie Proper is a writer and a career strategist. She works at Resume Writing Services Reviews where she tries to help people to develop their CV writing skills. Looking forward to hearing back from you! .

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