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If you have been stuck on the same rung on the career ladder for years, it is important you ask yourself why. Assuming your job actually has room for progression, you will get more job satisfaction if you have the opportunity to grow within the company you work for.

The alternative is staying where you are, being underpaid and possibly undervalued in the contributions you are making. It is possible to fast-track your way to promotion, provided you understand first the factors that are holding you back.

Could your lack of career progression be due to one of the following reasons?

1. Lack of Effort

For you, the idea of career progression is something you aren’t particularly interested in, or you may not be willing to make the effort. You are comfortable in your position, and the opportunity to grow further may be pushing you way out of your comfort zone.

If you are happy with where you are, then fine, you don’t need to progress your career at all. However, you may miss out on valuable life chances if you don’t, not least that opportunity to earn more money.

2. Lack of Training

 You may have received the key skills and qualifications for where you currently are, but a higher position may necessitate further training and schooling. The RN to BSN, for example, is one of the courses necessary to progress within a nursing career.

You need to find out the training required for your particular industry, and take the required steps to get the qualifications needed for a promotion.

3. Lack of Courage

A higher position may frighten you. You may be worried that you won’t have the skills needed for a better job, and you don’t want to jeopardize your current position in the process. You may also lack the courage to speak to your employer, especially if you have previously found him/her to be unapproachable.

If you have a lack of courage, be kinder on yourself. You probably do have the skills to go further, though training will help if you don’t. Your boss may not be the ogre you consider them to be, so it is worth plucking up the courage to speak to them about a promotion, as your confidence will also prove your worth.

4. Lack of Knowledge

We aren’t talking about your skills base, but rather the knowledge to know who to talk to and where to turn to progress. Therefore, a little bit of research is key.

Talk to your colleagues as well as your employer. Look at your company as a whole, and speak to people in those higher positions, asking them how they got to be where they are today.

Find a mentor, be they part of your company or not, and benefit from their experience in climbing the ranks. Read your company handbook or look at the website. Research your industry and the different ways you can progress your career. Knowledge is everything, so enhance yours to propel you further.


By reading this article, you are at least doing something proactive. You probably don’t fall into the ‘lack of effort’ category as you are interested in moving on.

So, consider our advice, speak to the people you need to, and believe in yourself as you go forward. You do have the power to progress, so go forth and do it!


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