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Networking is all about cultivating relationships. It is the first and the foremost step that triggers young minds, job seekers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is easy to achieve your goals and objectives if you are connected with the right people.

Also, to prosper in business and other sectors, one needs people that are not only beneficial but reliable. In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “The richest people in the world believe in building networks. Everyone else looks for work”.

Here are some examples of renowned entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Walt Disney, Lakshmi Mittal, etc., who had nothing but the idea and exceptional networking skills. Exception being “The Naturals,” these skills are not acquired by birth, you learn them by practice.

To help you assimilate the networking skills, we have narrowed down some key points for better understanding:

1. Research & Knowledge

With no questions asked, a yes in every way. Facts, data, and statistics should be at your fingertips when you decide to pursue your core interest. The lack of information on the subject may lead to strike off and who wants that, anyway?

To be precise, the more you are informed about the latest advancements of the topic, the more you are close to making favorable connections.

2. A No No to Being Pushy & Clingy

Once you meet the designated person, make an impression, discuss the insights and viewpoints, and you are good to go. You don’t have to keep texting or calling them, just to be in touch. A forced communication yields no good, and you may set camp in their block list.

3. Keep it Real

Networking is based on one simple rule, “If you want to go far, make real connections.” Plastic smiles just don’t work anymore. The people you are meeting have been in the business for years. They can catch hold of your pretence in micro-seconds. Apart from being engaged in professional conversations, try hitting some trending topics to make your lasting impression.

4. Bid Adieu to Comfort

When you step up to build connections, ease should be the last thing your mind needs to think. Be prepared to embrace drastic climatic changes and ever ready to receive notifications regarding events at odd timings. If you cannot do this, it’ll be like dreaming about scoring 99 percent without even opening the book. Sounds terrible? Won’t be once you give your cent percent.

5. Time Management & Patience is the Key

 A schedule is the most crucial thing to manage all the activities. A lot goes on while starting a business and you may have many events to attend. The hectic time-table may cause missing out on some important events or seminars that could have been your big break. To avoid this without losing calm, one requires effective time management.

6. Events & Seminars: A Must

Always attend the events and workshops that are of best interests to you. Making use of these amazing platforms solely depends on your talent. Be an initiator, pitch in the topics and ask insightful questions. Also, it is advised not to interrupt in between and listen attentively to what others have to say.

7. Socio-active Wins the Race

Once you finished with the events and seminars, update the same on your professional social profile. Add the tags of the events you attended and people you met. They will bring you follow ups from top networks and will generate the chances to excel in the industry.

To conclude, be helpful to people. A single righteous contact may bring you many connections and can be your super-connector.  Nurturing relationship is the essence of excellent networking skills. It is never about collecting hundreds of visiting cards; it’s about planting relations.

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Sahiba Sadana is an Academic Writer at Sharda University. She has acquired Masters in English language and has expertise in writings pertaining to Business Communication & Human Resource Degree.

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