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According to Glassdoor, the average job opening attracts around 250 candidates, so no wonder why most of the job seekers experience more failures than wins. What if you couldn’t find a job for a long time because you missed on or failed something really important?

Don’t worry — the only thing you need to do is to organize your job search process properly. Reconsider your strategy, learn this 7-step job search guide from CV Politan and you will definitely succeed!

1. Professional Resume and Cover Letter

When was the last time you reread your resume/cover letter? Remember that based on these 2 documents, potential employers will be evaluating you as a specialist.

28% of HR managers state that the most important thing in the job application is “literacy, a clear description of qualifications, adequate and relevant achievements/skills”.

It’s also a crucial part of the job search guide to send resumes targeted to a specific position, which means you have to carefully study the information in the job listing and the employer beforehand.

2. Create a LinkedIn Profile or Update an Existing One

The recent 2018 Stats say that more than 20,000 of the US companies use LinkedIn to recruit. Thus, there is no reason to wait before creating your personal LinkedIn account.

This social network not only helps to expand your business connections, learn the recent news from your colleagues or your industry but also helps to keep an online professional portfolio.

In other words, having a LinkedIn profile is like creating a public version of your resume. Although, creating a profile, making it visible and filling in the page with the information is not enough. You have to stay active and make regular updates.

3. Test Drive Resume

We can never be 100% objective about ourselves, so when it comes to writing your resume or application, somebody else’s opinion can make a difference. Share your application with friends, family members, and work pals to get an honest second opinion.

Once you make corrections, it is time to start your job search! Send it to the first company (not your number 1 target) to check how it works and what impact it has.

4. Networking — Job Fairs, Social Media, Friends, Colleagues

Useful connections and contacts can significantly boost your job search process. it is important to get active and engage your new and existing acquaintances during this period.

How to increase the number of useful connections?

What we always hear is that we need to socialize and visit relevant events, conferences, job fairs, training as well as involving people in our social media.

Spreading the word and telling your story can give some good results. But networking is not only about finding someone who can help you find a spot in the company. Most importantly, it’s also about finding a knowledgeable mentor to lead and encourage you through the process.

5. Sending Resume

Is it hard to send your resume? In fact, some tricky moments do exist. First of all, you need to follow the job posting instructions.

For instance, some employers would ask to NOT send any application documents while the others would ask for ones they do not typically require.

Second, you need to send your application to the right person, so research whom you should address the whole package as you are going to send one to the office.

6. Get Ready for the Interview

If you are invited to the interview, it is already half of success. But here comes the most responsible part – creating a positive impression during your one-on-one interview with an employer.

Clearly, you want to be 100% prepared. Research everything about the company, make a brief list of answers to the employer’s possible questions and think of the questions you might want to ask them.

Two more important details — perfect look and good mood — will help you ace the interview as you have always wanted.

7. Get Hired!

Last but not least for your job search guide (actually, the most significant stage) — getting your dream job. Stay positive and you will certainly pass this last stage with ease.



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Ann Mosley is a freelance writer who keeps a career blog. Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions are the main features of her approach. Ann’s goal is to help job seekers to find a job that brings both wealth and happiness.

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