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Making career choices in life is a hard decision. In the digitization powered globalized era, a person is available with so many options for choosing a profession. But, such a diversity of choices very often leads to confusion, making a person end up with some wrong job.

Apart from diverse fields of work, other factors like peer pressure and standards of the success set by this society can also mislead. Obtaining a clarity before deciding on dedicating entire life to the one career is way too necessary. But the question is how to seek the right path to a happy professional life.

Go through the following nine steps to free your mind from related worries.

1. Do Ask Yourself What Do You Want?

A man is a social animal; being a member of society, it is not possible for him to entirely enjoy the life on his terms. Almost at any point in life, he has to engage in a trade-off between his will and social expectations.

Your environment might compel you to choose a job that guarantees, your six-figure salary, your home, and a smooth life. Such goals can be the parameters of success implemented by this society.

But they can’t determine what drives the internal satisfaction in its real sense. So, try to prioritize what you want to achieve? The inner happiness or success?

2.  Know What You Are Good At?

Now, you are very much clear about your priorities, try to look for an option which is rewarding in any way. Just keep on thing in mind; every person has a unique selling proposition. His real goal is to find what is so unique to him and then selling it out to the desired target market.

Your uniqueness can be what you like doing or what you are good at. Try out, both these things, achieve perfection, and then look for the relevant job.

3. Do Some Internships

Internships are a great way to understand the working of any system. Don’t wait for yourself to graduate from college. Make sure you spend at least six months for doing internships in different organizations.

In this way, you would not only get a view of the relevant industry but also be able to make decisions for pursuing higher studies in the most desired field. 

4. Do Temporary Jobs

It is a good idea to take up two to three contract-based temporary jobs. Don’t think it a waste of time. Your three to four years, spent in doing apparently, the useless work would give you an ability to test the water. You would be able to know what you want, what your capacity is, and what you need to learn.

Just consider these jobs as an experimental phase for deciding upon the right career. Don’t think that such experimentation would cost you time; it is worth it if it gets you to the correct destination.

Temporary jobs can also offer an exercise to build emotional intelligence necessary for career growth.

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5.  Take a Test

If you are too much confused and don’t want to take the risk, then adopt a bit of systematic approach. There are so many numerical and psychological tests that discover the potential of a person. Don’t hesitate to take such tests, if you are ever available with this opportunity. These short exams would help you predict the right career choice for you, based on performance.

Taking such tests is more necessary for teens who are looking for admissions in an UGrad school. It enables the youth to pick up the right courses that suit them.

6. Consult a Career Counsellor

Let’s admit, many of you don’t like the idea of seeking guidance from a career counselor. Maybe, this lack of trust is due to a prevalent misconception that such consulting is just a business endeavor by those who are good at nothing. Well, this is not the case at all; career consultants have got data, they keep an eye on demand and supply factors of the job market.

Even, if you are aware of your potential but don’t know how to utilize it, then career counseling services can offer appropriate help as well. Briefly, looking up to the career counselors can allow exploring a target market for your USP.

You can also consider taking some coaching classes for exploring the right career for you.

7. Do Personal Research

Expert intuition is useless, but personal research is necessary for making career choices. For introverts, who don’t feel it comfortable to speak their minds, doing private research can be very rewarding. In such a case, you should surf the internet, meet the industry people, and even try to observe the workplace environment in different fields.

A personal effort to take insights for making the right decision is very much necessary; because no one knows your priorities better than you.

8.   Seek Casual Guidance

You must have heard your teacher saying that they have opted for this field as they had no guidance. Here, seeking expert advice doesn’t mean looking towards a career counseling service. Look towards your elders, friends, seniors, and even parents.

At times, they are in a better position to tell you what you are good at. Do share your confusion about choosing the right career path. It would ease your problem by making a career choice.

9.  Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Bold Decisions

As mentioned earlier, satisfaction also matters a lot. It doesn’t come from following the norms of society, but it is a result of listening to inner madness. Everyone has a passion, but not all of them dares to pursue their passions. If you think you have got a brilliant idea, then don’t even seek guidance.

Turn your intuition and prudence into your leader and look towards the daring people for getting inspiration. You may not succeed in achieving what you are looking for, but such an endeavor would make you discover yourself and see life from a different perspective. Such an effort would also make you start a career without regret for not at least, trying even once.

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John Elijah is a career development enthusiast who has special interest in different topics including university selection for higher education, job search strategies, and team work.

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