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One of the most profitable types of lawyer is a personal injury lawyer. Many people want to become a personal injury lawyer. This entails helping people receive compensation for getting unrightfully injured.

Not only are you doing a good deed for people helping them get justice, but personal injury lawyers also receive a large amount of compensation if they are successful.

It may seem like a hard career to achieve but it’s very possible! By following these ten steps, you can get started on your successful legal career and on becoming the best personal injury lawyer around!

1. Get a Four-Year Degree


The very first step you have to take to become a personal injury lawyer is graduating from a four-year school and getting your degree. You can’t become a personal injury lawyer, or any kind of lawyer, without getting a four-year degree!

This is one of the required steps for getting into law school. Without graduating from a four-year school and getting your degree, you won’t get any closer to becoming a personal injury lawyer!

Common majors to get into law school include economics, philosophy, business, political science, and English, but these are not required. You have a wide variety of choice to get into law school, just make sure you do well and enjoy it!

2. Get a Good GPA and LSAT Score

Speaking of school, just getting your degree is not enough. You have to make sure you excel! Getting a high GPA in your four-year university is crucial to getting into law school.

The better you do in class, and the higher the GPA you have, the better the law school you can get into. The better law school you get into, the better start you’re off to in your law career!

However, a great GPA isn’t all you need to get into law school. You also need to take the LSAT and make a good score. When law schools are considering applicants, your GPA and LSAT scores are the main factors they consider.

If you have both a high GPA and a high LSAT, you’re going to have a great chance to get into a very good law school and kickstart your career as a personal injury lawyer.

3. Complete Law School


Just getting there is only half the battle! Once you get into law school, you have to get through it.

Law school typically takes three years, so once you get through, you’d have spent seven years in school total. Law school is also pretty expensive, but most people take loans to pay for it.

It’s worth it for most, though, when they become personal injury lawyers!

4. Network and Gain Experience

An important step in becoming a great lawyer happens while you’re in law school and even college. This is networking and gaining experience!

Networking is key for any profession but especially as a personal injury lawyer. You’ve got to be meeting new people in the profession and associated with it. Knowing doctors, insurance reps and other attorneys is key to getting jobs and clients.

You also have to get experience while in school through internships and part-time jobs like clerking at law firms. This experience will prove key in getting your first few jobs and clients.

5. Pass the BAR Exam


Once you graduate law school, you’re not ready to become a lawyer just yet. There’s one more step in the way and that is to pass the bar exam!

The bar exam certifies you as a lawyer in your state. Without passing this exam, you are not legally allowed to practice any kind of law.

Once you pass and get certified with your state bar, make sure you check your state requirements. It’s possible you need to pass other tests and certifications as well that are specific to your state.

6. Work for a Personal Injury Law Firm

Once you are certified, use your previous experience and law school degree to secure a job. You technically can start your firm but it is very hard to do. Instead, get a job with an existing personal injury firm.

On your first job, you will get taught everything you need to know about being a personal injury lawyer. It’s likely your work will be small to start but as you learn more your duties will increase.

7. Stay Connected in the Industry

Once you have your first job,  it’s important to never settle! If you want to continue in the industry, you have to stay connected and keep making new contacts.

Use your networking skills and meet new people. Talk to insurance reps, form connections with doctors that recommend you to patients, work with other attorneys for clients. Always be talking and meeting new people!

You also have to work with your prospective clients. One of your main responsibilities is helping clients understand how to choose a lawyer and why you’re the best choice for the case.

Once they understand this and feel that you’re a trustworthy attorney, they’ll be more likely to work with you and recommend you.

8. Always Continue Learning

Learning new things

Similar to the last point, you always have to be learning in this industry! Learn from your bosses and coworkers. Always be asking questions! Learn from experienced individuals in your work life. You can be a great lawyer as long as you work at it.

Don’t be scared to pick up books and read past cases either.

Try to get better every day and you’ll see the difference in your wallet! If personal injury law doesn’t seem to be your thing, becoming an art lawyer is a very lucrative and interesting field of practice to get into.

9. Work with Doctors and Insurance Companies

Doctor - Become a Personal Injury Lawyer

It was mentioned before but never underestimate how important the doctors and insurance companies are in the personal injury business.

Having a good relationship with insurance companies can only be a good thing for a personal injury lawyer. After all, most of your cases will come from them!

Work with insurance reps to make sure everyone gets the best deal and understand how the process works from their side. The more you know about insurance, and the better your relationship, the more money you’ll make.

Doctors are all in-network and contact with each other. Your main client source will be doctors. If you can form a great relationship with a doctor or two, they will pass your name around. The more doctors and hospitals you have relationships with, the more injured clients they will refer to you!

10. Consider Going on Your Own

Once you’ve done all the above steps, and you have experience and feel good about your skills, it may be time for you to step out and open up your firm!

Opening your firm can be a risky move but if you have the client acquisition skills to go with the required skills of a good personal injury lawyer, you can make an exponential amount of money! This is often a move experienced attorneys make to take that next step in their career.

So there you have it! Ten steps walk you through becoming a personal injury lawyer. Not only will you become a personal injury lawyer, but you’ll also become one of the best in your area and will see a lot of money coming your way!

What do you think? Do you feel more confident in becoming a personal injury lawyer now? Did this article change your mind one way or the other? It’s a path to a lucrative career! 

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Christian Denmon is a Tampa, Florida Attorney and he is the founding partner of Denmon Pearlman. A truly progressive firm, the firm offers legal service from Personal Injury to Divorce/Family law, to Crime and Estate Planning. Christian lives in St. Petersburg with his Wife and two children.

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