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After a beautiful weekend filled with food, wine and plenty of naps, there’s no crueller sound than your 7am alarm come Monday morning.

As the reality of another week of nine-to-five office life hits you like a ton of bricks, a good litre or two of coffee is the only thing that gets you out the door and on your way to work.

But whilst we’re all prone to the odd case of the ‘Monday blues’, if your lacklustre mood carries right through till Friday lunchtime, then you’ve got a much more serious problem on your hands.

Stopping work-related stress in its tracks

Feeling down in the dumps anytime someone so much as mentions work is a clear sign that you’re in desperate need of a career shakeup.

Ignore those kinds of flashing warning lights and you could find your mental health and wellbeing starts to suffer.

With work-related depression, stress and anxiety becoming a major issue for employees and employers across the UK – 488,000 cases were reported between 2015/16 – it’s a risk you can’t afford to take.

So instead of writing off those ‘Monday blues‘ as every office worker’s rite of passage, focus on giving yourself a boost and making your job satisfaction a priority.

Here are three tips that’ll help you do exactly that.

1.  Dress the Part

We get it, when you’re dreading work it’s tempting to sacrifice valuable grooming time and hit snooze as much as possible.

But rolling out of bed and trudging into the office looking a little worse for wear isn’t doing your attitude any good.

Embrace the concept of power dressing and give your work wardrobe a makeover. Put together a few killer ensembles guaranteed to have you feeling invincible even on your worst days, and then there’ll be no sartorial effort required come Monday morning.

2. Get Motivated 

If your job isn’t doing it for you, motivate yourself to get out of bed and making the most of every day.

Sign up to a distance learning course and as well as giving your CV a boost (perfect if you want to move jobs one day), you’ll have the prospect of developing new skills and missing deadlines to keep you working at full speed.

With reputable providers like Anglia Ruskin University offering online degrees in a variety of subjects, you’re sure to find something to pique your interest.

3. Make a Change

It’s time to take control of your life! Start by making a few smaller changes to improve your situation. For example, if it’s a difficult colleague or overly busy workload that’s getting you down then speak to your boss. Explain what’s going on and see what help they can offer.

But remember it’s never worth putting your mental health or wellbeing at risk for a job, no matter how well it pays or how convenient it is.

If you’re totally bored or unhappy with the direction your career path is going, then don’t just settle. Send out CVs, shoot for a promotion or head back to uni and give something else a go instead. A change of scene and pace will do you the world of good.

Have you got any other top tips for beating the ‘Monday blues’?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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