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Traveling is one of life’s greatest rewards, but sometimes work and travel collide. Be prepared to take your office on the go by packing a tech bag with everything you need to stay productive wherever life takes you!

Read on for top tech travel essentials as well as a few things you might have missed when packing for your latest business trip.

1. Finding the Perfect Bag

The first step to staying productive is the bag itself–think about the hardships you put your sensitive electronics through, especially given how critical they are to your workflow. If you need a waterproof bag, check out the Sanction rucksack from Mission Workshop or REI’s range of waterproof backpacks.

If you mostly travel from the airport to meeting rooms, consider a more fashionable option like a b.still messenger bag or rucksack from Ernest Alexander. Whatever you go with, make sure you size it out for your current equipment load.

Speaking of equipment, there’s always more than you think! From laptops to speakers to accessories, you don’t want to be caught away from home without the right tools for the job. One of the most commonly-cited reasons for productivity loss when working outside the office is not having access to the right equipment.

Bringing more with you might not feel great when you carry your things through the airport, but it’ll pay off when you need your latest piece online now.

2. Organize Your Cable Collection

As much as we live in the age of wireless connectivity, most of our wireless devices still require charging cables. Nobody wants to be looking for a USB-A male to micro USB adapter at the last second in a foreign country, so save yourself the headache later and triple-check your cables before you leave the house. If you have time in your prep routine, add some color-coding stickers or zip ties to stay organized!

3. Finding the Right Tunes

Speakers and headphones help maintain your sanity, as well as the sanity of those around you. A simple Bluetooth speaker bar turns any hotel room into a personal party; on the opposite end of the spectrum, a pair of over-ear headphones (personally I recommend noise-canceling!) lets you enjoy your music wherever you are. Regardless of what choice you go with, don’t forget charging cables and aux cords!

4. Staying Charged!

In regards to charging, many worst nightmares in the business world involve having your phone or laptop die during a crucial meeting. This is where battery packs pay for themselves in the peace of mind alone! External phone batteries are more affordable than ever, and laptop-charging packs are a splurge but definitely worth it if you’re caught without access to a wall socket.

All the wall sockets in the world won’t be useful if you can’t plug your chargers in! If you do a lot of international traveling consider picking up a universal power adapter to save you time and hassle. Life hacker has a list of fan favorites to check out, or you can swing by any major retailer and pick one up.

5. Portable Power

Your business relies on your laptop, plain and simple–In the case of travel freelancers or journalists, your entire business might only exist in one place. That means it’s critical to pick the right laptop for the job and a backup plan to go along with it for staying productive.

Apple’s MacBook Pro has long been the gold standard for professionals, but port changes (no more USB!) and tepid battery life on the newest model has pros looking at their options. If you want more flexibility on form factor or internal storage, take a look at offerings for business laptops from HP to get a wide range of options; each user and use case is different, so take your time before taking the plunge.

6. Always Back It Up.

Once you’ve picked your workstation, don’t forget about a suitable backup solution; it can be tough to afford upfront, but the peace of mind alone should prove worth it, let alone the worst-case scenario. As the ASMP succinctly puts it: “There are two kinds of people in the world – those who have had a hard drive failure, and those who will.” Protect yourself with an external disk drive or cloud storage–preferably both.

When traveling, peace of mind is a valuable resource, so keep your stress to a minimum by being prepared for whatever life throws at you. While it might be tough to fit all your gear in the bag of your choice, you never know when an external phone battery might make or break landing your latest client.

Focus on preparing before you leave so you can save travel time for staying productive. 

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Katherine Luk is a Community Outreach Coordinator for HP’s Small Business Solutions team.

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