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The old days when you had to go to a certain workplace to work are long over now. Online work like blogging or video streaming, freelance work like article writing or translating, or just the simple yet effective work-at-home types of jobs are the ones that are gaining some real popularity in the last decade or so.

So, what’s stopping you, a sewing enthusiast, to start your business career right now, right there in your living room? Nothing is.

It’s time for you to do the thing that you’re good at, but more importantly, love to do, and get paid for it. The best part is the fact that you won’t be wasting any time nor energy on trips to and from your workplace. Because your home will be your workplace. And that way, you can give your best and achieve maximum efficiency.

How can you do that? Easily, just check out these 5 ideas we’ve prepared for you and you’ll be ready to go. It’s time to get to work!

1. Start a Fashion Blog

This kind of a home sewing business is probably the easiest one which is why we’re starting with it. But that doesn’t mean it’s as easy as you’d think.

Blogging is a great way to spread your thoughts and ideas but also your stances on certain topics and situations to a broad spectrum of readers online. But to do so, you need an audience. If you blog but no one reads those articles then you’ve achieved nothing.

So, you need to know how to attract and entertain your readers while making them want to hear more from you. Let’s not forget that you absolutely must be up to date and quite knowledgeable about the topic you’ll be covering.

The WorkSpace of Someone Working in the Sewing Industry

So, if your forte is fashion theoretics like color blending or outfit matching, you can maybe start a celebrity outfit review blog where you’ll be grading celebrity outfits and pointing out what they did good and what they did wrong and of course, why did they do so.

Or if perhaps you’re better at some practical fashion work like sewing, quilting, or embroidery, you can try and start up a “how-to” type of blog where you’ll write Instructional articles and teach your readers how to create certain projects in that area.

The important thing is that you get an audience and retain it, that way your blog will be successful.

2. Sew and Sell Dolls and Doll Clothing

Creating small plush dolls and appropriate clothing meant for them is something you could easily do if you know the fundamentals, have some basic sewing skills, and a decent sewing machine. You could do such a job even with a portable sewing machine.A Sewing Machine

Of course, you will need some suitable fabrics, the basic sewing essentials and materials, and a touch of creativity and originality as well as some patience and energy.

Design the dolls as normal children dolls, animals in clothes, or even famous cartoon characters if you wish but make sure you make them pretty enough and interesting enough so that you can attract customers more easily. This is important for sewing at home business.

After you’ve made a few different variations and types of dolls and their clothing, try pitching them on the market online through social network pages and offline at various flea markets or fairs. Sell the dolls clothed but also sell their clothing pieces individually so that children can expand the wardrobes of their favorite toys instead of buying other dolls just because they like their outfits better.

3. Sew and Sell Pet Clothes

We all love pets, whether we have them or not. And seeing one wearing a cute and nicely made outfit always brings a smile on our faces.

Since there are a lot of different kinds of pets out there, your possibilities are also very broad. If you wish you can create outfits only for dogs, only for cats, only for hamsters, or for all of them, depending on what your customer keeps as his best friend.

Most short-haired pets indeed need additional clothing to keep them warm but that doesn’t mean that the larger ones can’t wear them as well because that outfit can easily be a purely aesthetical touch.

Make a few samples in your sewing at home business for the most common pet sizes and go to your local pet shop to agree with them. Share the profit with them if they get you your customers.

If you’re a solo gunman and you don’t like partnering up you can just skip the pet shop idea in that case and advertise your products online instead, or maybe even give out a few free pieces to your friends with pets so that they can send some potential customers your way.

4. Sew and Sell or Rent Costumes

Halloween is loads of fun. Everyone is dressed up, you don’t know who’s who until they talk to you, and last but not least, we must not forget the candy, oh the candy. And since everyone is dressed up in a costume on that night, all those shops selling or renting them get emptied.

So, the poor guy who got to the store last usually ends up without a costume or even worse than that, wearing one that no one wanted to wear so it got left behind in the store.Woman Dressed in a Costume

Enter, you. Start making some most popular costumes before Halloween and make them in few sizes or better yet, in a one size fits all size. Then when Halloween comes, you’ll be able to sell or rent them out ridiculously easy.

You’ll earn some money and the poor guy who always arrives at the costume shop late will be happy and satisfied, wearing his favorite costume like everyone else!

5. Sew and Sell Baby Clothes

For some weird reason, that’s honestly way over my head, baby clothing tends to be surprisingly expensive nowadays. Luckily this opens up a nice possibility for you to earn some money but also have some fun while doing so.

Startup your baby clothing mini business and sew those cute little onesies or tiny shirts and trousers for the new inhabitants of our planet. You’re bound to have a fair number of customers who will want to buy them from you.

Not only are millions of babies born daily, but those babies also have mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and other cousins who will want to buy something pretty and original for their new family member. And if you lower the price, compared to the prices of pieces you’d find in stores, you’ll get even more customers heading your way.

If you’re willing to work a bit more and have the mad organizational skills to jiggle one more thing, then try making clothes for pregnant soon to be mommies as well and advertise them along with the baby clothing. Expand your target audience and make your business grow.

Whichever road you decide to take for your sewing at home business, just believe in yourself, and in your currently small but potentially very big business, you’ll be running from home. If you have an even better idea than the ones we presented you here then by all means endeavor in it, as long as you enjoy it and earn some money while doing it.  

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Helen Spencer is the founder of hellosewing.com, a blog providing honest sewing tips and advice how to find the most suitable basic sewing machine for one’s specific skills and needs. She loves all things DIY- crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful thing out of scratch with her own hands and above all – she simply adores sewing!

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