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A professional Social Media profile will definitely impress any employer. It is a must for the employers to check the applicants’ profiles from which they can extract a selective candidate list. It is to give the opportunity for an interview.

Not to forget to mention that most known recruitment companies have a whole department who is responsible for generating great professional profiles from social media. To deliver a suitable person and to satisfy their clients.

In order for each of you to be selected in the market as the right person to cover a job vacancy, you should be very careful about how you will promote yourself out there.

Based on a recent survey 1 in 5 employers had rejected candidates for an interview based on an inappropriate profile. Imagine you are having a party, getting drunk, posting pictures with friends or posting a picture of you in a bikini. There are definitely a lot of moments which are more personal than public. Although you may choose to make them seen by all, that could be a mistake, in case you are trying to get a good impression from an employer.

It’s not only about what you post, what do you follow, like, read. But it is as well about having good references, list of skills and abilities, connection, especially on your LinkedIn page. The possibilities to promote yourself in those pages is wide. Although you need to be very careful about how you will do that, what kind of mistakes you can avoid in order to give a plus on your business icon.

To begin, you may start with a small detail which increases a lot of traffic in your profile. You need to choose the right adequate picture, which highlights your strong business characteristic. By showing straight body standing, determinate and strong look, dressed formal and taking care to keep the hand either crossed or at least holding something. But try not to let them down or in your pockets.

After you have the appropriate picture, it is good to put it as a profile picture especially on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you own all those pages, try to keep the same profile. In order to make it as more professional and easy to be found. This action is like branding your face into social media.

It much easier to be liked and find through one image, but don’t forget to update it from time to time. Its especially when you seek for specific jobs, try to fit in with the job which you’re applying. If you have a different picture in those mentioned social pages, it may lead to the confusion the employer to create a specific image of you.

Facebook is the page, where you usually tend more to post personal moments by sharing them in public. Take a few minutes to set up the privacy on your Facebook page. If you don’t want your future employer seeing your personal life, you need to set all your privacy settings to a group of contacts. By being very selective who you will let to view your Facebook profile.

It is known that Facebook profiles are searchable on search engines, and they’ve also started at least allowing status updates to be crawled and indexed on Google and the search engine. As a result, your name can be easily googled.

Clean up your profile history and general behavior when job hunting. Try to remember that a posting: “I got wasted last night and woke up in an unknown place”, will definitely impact on your application.

Job application

Imagine you’re the employer and you are seeking for a decent employee would you choose to hire him/her to your company? As an employer, you use a decent person who can represent properly your business. If you think as an employer you will never be wrong.

Engage people who do a similar job. The connections that you have in a unique channel, may lead to the wanted employer. Be selective with who you follow or get in connection and try to extend that list to go near to your main goal. If you have a specific company in your mind then so to whom this company is connected, and make research for its followers, partners, and clients.

Just imagine the sources you may come across to you once you make your homework. So, why not to become the expert? And search as well for events, conferences that the target company is holding or participating, and try to attend to them. Extract information through social media and be a trustful image for an employer.

Show your background education and experience, by demonstrating that you have skills and the right experience for the job. Think about the skills, interests or activities that represent your values and add those to your social media channels. Your social media channels play the role of a resume uploaded online, and ready to be accessed and viewed by whoever comes across to your profile.

Try to avoid posts that indicate complain of your previous employer! It’s not professional and ethical to post that, without having discussed or tried to find a solution for your problem. Keep it to you, as an experience and learn the best from it.

The last thing which is good to make it as an asset to your social media profiles is the content writing that you post and share. Be careful with grammar mistakes, what you share, sometimes with quote posting! You can check some list of services for help. The mistakes that you may do, is a minus on your skills and abilities if you are looking to work in an office and not only.

As you may see, social media is a key factor of extracting information, creating connection and relation with the business world. You update your profile, get the right information and launch yourself out there with great content of yourself. But please don’t forget to put your contact details in order for the other to come in touch professionally to you. It is good to follow those pieces of advice in order to avoid the mistakes of non-doing the right settings and adding to your profile.

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