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From Wall Street in NYC to top-order talk shows on HR and hiring, recruitment techniques have been a debated issue. You have got the unorthodox approach from Silicon Valley biggies. On the other hand, NY and Boston’s traditional face-to-face formal interviews strike a note with some as well. But what remains as the sole point of contention are the trends in hiring that keep changing with the times.

As the market expands, technology advances and the economy diversifies, new jobs and the hiring process for the same too undergo some major alterations. It is 2019, and the ruling hiring trends are all set to dominate employer strategies the world over.

Here is an insider view on how the hiring trends are set to shape recruitment processes this year. You will also find a few effective suggestions on making the most of the recruitment techniques to snag the best talent ever for your organization.

5 Trends to Watch for in the Hiring Processes This Year

1. Candidate-driven Hiring

Recent studies reveal that the current job scenario is 90% candidate-driven. That makes the whole recruitment process to go for a shuffle. From this perspective, the talent comes to you, given that they find the job profile attractive enough. Some major changes can come from this new development.

Take a leaf out of Amazon’s book to go all out with creative hiring strategies. You get noticed by those with the same mettle, bringing the best candidates your way.

2. Transparency in Pay

Pay-related conversations are ceasing to be limited at the water cooler. Reaching out to your employees (and prospective ones too) regarding the salary packaging (as well as perks) is imperative. Since most candidates are under the impression that their salaries are lower than the market standing, this will be a cool move.

In fact, you can also consider offering education loan opportunities as perks with the pay package offered by your organization.

3. Anti-harassment Stance

In the age of #MeToo and fourth-wave feminism, harassment in the workplace has become a raging issue. LinkedIn reports a 71% increase in year-over-year content posted on harassment at the workplace.

Sounds alarming? Sure enough, companies the world over are taking note. Things have already stirred up. In fact, 80% of hiring managers strategize implementing anti-harassment tactics at their respective organizations.

Promoting ways to safely report (sans discrimination and/or judgment), establishing a zero-tolerance policy, and taking sensitization initiatives are some of the ways to come out as a new-age employer.

4. Soft Skill Is a Decisive Factor

As automation and AI continue to reshape and revolutionize the future, soft skills have come a long way. Hiring processes these days place increased emphasis on soft skills assessment. It is one of the reigning factors that the employers of the current era look for in the best candidates.

92% of them opine that soft skills matter as much as conventional or technical skills. As many as 80% of the recruiters agree that soft skills are positively linked to success in organizations. Check out how companies like Citi are leading by example in this domain.

5. Flexibility in Work

Talent acquisition, retention, and increased productivity come hand-in-hand with job satisfaction. In fact, 84% of employees state flexibility at work is one of the major factors determining job satisfaction. Offering flexibility at work has two-way benefits, including cost-saving perks like Dell who saved $12 million a year due to a diminished need for office spaces.

Netflix and Evernote’s unlimited vacation policies are winning big among employers. You can now make room for flexibility in your organization for new recruits.

How to Bag the Best Talent with 5 Innovative Recruitment Processes?

Here is the ultimate hiring process checklist for 2019. Keep the trends in mind when designing a hiring strategy. Shine light on your strong areas. Procure the most brilliant minds in your industries.

1. Ditch Conventions and Put on a Creative Cap

Tech innovations and social media have bigger parts to play in the hiring processes in 2019. McDonald’s uses Snapchat to hire its employees. They are screened on the basis of a 10-second video introduction of themselves.

Johnson & Johnson takes it to a whole new level by eliminating hiring bias through text hiring processes. They report a 9% increase in recruitment of female employees upon introducing hiring through text procedures.

Chipotle’s National Career Day saw them hiring over 5000 employees in a day. It is time for a major breakthrough in your hiring process too. Go creative, and reign in excellent talent using newer hiring processes.

2. Play Around with Locations and Settings

Interviews don’t usually have to take place inside conference rooms with drab blinds and muted office lighting. Instead, experiment with the setting and put your prospective employees at ease. Walk them through the office, note their attitude towards the work environment and decor.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also interview them over a meal. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation swear by this one. Many Wall Street biggies get things done this way. You can also be perceptive about the behavioral assessment of a candidate in a neutral setting. Those familiar with the traditional recruitment techniques setting may reveal their inner selves in a better light at neutral locations.

3. Launch into Unconventional Questions

If you really want to get to know the person you are recruiting, you have got to reach beyond the rehearsed answers. While smart candidates are always prepared to answer the conventional questions at interviews, you can launch into a different path for your benefit.

Google goes this way for most of its interviews. It does not, however, mean asking trick questions like the oh-so-clichéd golf balls in a 747 story. Instead, go for natural ones that help you know the candidate a little better. Ask about their instinctive strengths and know what inspires them. With EQ being a determining marker for success, you can delve a lot deeper into the minds of your prospective candidates with this technique.

4. Establish Transparent Employer Image

From new employment policies (a la recruitment of prisoners by Virgin Trains) to creating space for increased flexibility at work, make yourself seen and heard. That, as a recruiter, is the key in 2019. Amp up your online presence and create targeted brand image building ads. Go for the non-active candidates.

Set out to search and find the finest talent in your domain. Employ transparent hiring processes and reach out to more people. Soon you will have talent walking right through those double doors at the entrance.

5. Find Your Hiring Rhythm (and Stick to It)

Tufts has the best scheme for employees who leave a job too quickly to realize later that its strength not have been a good move. With their boomerang policy, old employees are welcomed back into the organization with no judgments.

Spreading a sense of respect and inclusion at the workplace, Tufts goes a long way to show it is as new-age as it gets. You too can find what works best for your hiring techniques and create a pattern that you would love to stick to. That way, you can bring in a positive change in recruitment techniques. What better way to welcome new talent than creating your style for handpicking them?

Parting Words

Major hiring trends for 2019 can be your driving force for innovation. Bring some life into your hiring techniques and don’t hesitate to break the mold. It is the era of go-getters. Thread together your organization a new kind of hiring tapestry that functions as a dynamic whole.

Positive takeaways and employee satisfaction at the workplace should be your top goals to attract the best talent. Set your sail using the recruitment techniques from this post. Strategize your moves and you will land the best candidates for your organization like a pro. Godspeed!

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